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 This site is about playing cards and postcards. All that is presented on the site can be bought. Either in the original version, or reprints. Very many Reprints for the order.

The site is designed for collectors and historians of playing cards and postcards.

Here you can see the decks that are stored in the collection of the Siberian Museum of playing cards. We will pay special attention to modern decks of Russia. Since modern decks are produced, sometimes very small editions and remain unknown to a wide range.

Gradually, the site will become a kind of catalog in which it will be possible to easily find the products of various publishing houses, the work of certain artists, or even individual characters on postcards. If you type the word Snow Maiden in a search engine, you will see all the postcards on which there is a Snow Maiden, if you are interested in images of Santa Claus, then you can only see such postcards.

We appeal to the publishers of playing cards, to the companies that have released their promotional decks with a request to report their deck. We, with pleasure, will get it for the collection of our museum.

Postcard publishers, if you want your publisher's products to be reflected most fully - send them to us!

We also appeal to artists and designers, who in their work dealt with the theme of playing cards. We will post your work on the site, help to publish a deck.

In the collection of our museum more than 4,000 decks, all of them gradually appear on the site. How many cards - not even considered. Postcards will be mainly greeting with characters. An exception will be made only to some artists whose work is most in demand among collectors.
To collectors

We will be happy to receive letters from collectors of playing cards and cards. If you want to participate in the work of the site - write.

For buyers who are interested in many products at once, there are special prices and gifts, free shipping and so on.

We can also issue for you decks, cards with your drawings, photographs. Write - we will agree.


We offer mutual advertising, exchange links on the site.
Playing Card Catalogs

You can purchase copyright catalogs Russian Eroticism

1 and 2 volumes, they describe and provide color illustrations of more than 700 decks on erotic themes. The catalog was based on erotic photo deck produced in the USSR. In the USSR, the topic of erotica was banned. The only way to replicate was photo printing. In the USSR, a huge number of erotic decks. Circulation of decks were small - the catalog is an attempt to preserve for history and systematize a whole layer of taboo culture.

You can also buy a catalog of maps of the English artist Elaine Lewis. This artist has been drawing maps for 20 years, they come out in circulation of 20-100 copies. Each deck is decorated by hand by the author. The catalog contains all maps drawn from 1990 to 2008.