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Added by: 16-04-2024

Anti-fascist cards (Russia)

Anti-fascist cards
Anti-fascist cards are one of the rarest decks released in the USSR. The cards were drawn by Vasily Vlasov and released in 1942 in besieged Leningrad. According to one version, only about 700 decks were printed. They were thrown like propaganda weapons into the German trenches. The box was made specifically in the style of German cards, so that German ...

Added by: 13-04-2024

Supra Fijne (Netherlands)

Supra Fijne
I like graphic playing cards from the 19th century, the Dutch publisher Erve Wijsmuller's 1850 deck is one of those.

Added by: 12-04-2024

Hachazo Argentina (Argentina)

Hachazo Argentina
Argentine playing cards are French style, as written on the box. The designs in the deck are of the Anglo-American standard, but of a fairly rare design. Perhaps even the original Argentinean one.

Facil juegos Argentine playing cards (Argentina)

Facil juegos Argentine playing cards
Many decks of playing cards are produced in Argentina, apparently Argentines are quite gambling people. Most of the decks produced are with Spanish suits. Instead of letters, all cards are designated by numbers, 10 - instead of a jack (in a Spanish deck this is a foot warrior), 11 - instead of a queen - a rider (sometimes women are drawn on a horse) and 12 ...

Added by: 07-04-2024

Yakut playing cards Sakhaly (Russia)

Yakut playing cards Sakhaly
The third deck of the Yakut artist Ivan Sofronov turned out to be more dynamic, the heroes of the cards seemed to freeze for a moment... and in a moment they would come to life.

Added by: 31-03-2024

Fishing, hunting (Ukraine)

Fishing, hunting
Gift set of two decks in one box. One is dedicated to fishing, the other to hunting. Issued in Ukraine at the famous card factory from Odessa "Publishing Center" Deluxe see the second deck numbered g02764

Fishing, hunting (Ukraine)

Fishing, hunting
Gift set of two decks in one box. One is dedicated to fishing, the other to hunting. Issued in Ukraine at the famous card factory from Odessa "Publishing Center" Deluxe

Added by: 26-03-2024

1863 playing cards with German suits (Russia)

1863 playing cards with German suits
Having been born and living all my life in Russia, I became interested in history during my school years. And of course, I was most interested in the history of Russia, so when I became interested in playing cards, those published in Russia interested me first. For many years, only one factory was allowed to produce decks of cards. And since no one really ...

Added by: 25-03-2024

A la Bulgar (Bulgaria)

A la Bulgar
An unusual deck of 6 suits. Drawn under the influence of the work of the German artist Walter Kraus, at least this is reflected in the drawings of jokers.

Added by: 22-03-2024

Andreas Benedictus Göbl Munchen (Germany)

Andreas Benedictus Göbl Munchen
This German deck from Munich publisher Andreas Benedictus Göbl seems very unique to me. Why? I dug through the entire Internet and did not see a single similar German deck. Firstly, the drawings from this deck were taken as a model for the release of two Russian decks with German suits. Secondly, the characters on the cards remind me of Polish nobles.

Added by: 18-03-2024

Lennhol & Houser (Germany)

Lennhol & Houser
German deck of playing cards from the publisher Lennhol & Houser from 1880.

Added by: 17-03-2024

Steinberger's (Switzerland)

Swiss deck of playing cards with French suits from the publisher Johann Müller

Added by: 16-03-2024

Chur-baierische Francesis (Germany)

Chur-baierische Francesis
A German deck with French suits published at the beginning of the 19th century, where the card characters are depicted in full growth. Publisher Lorenz Ammer from München

Portuguese playing cards (Portugal )

Portuguese playing cards
The deck contains graphic, strict drawings in a realistic style.

Peik (Norway)

The card characters in the deck have an unusual drawing style, seemingly realistic faces, but the characters themselves have bright features that are very close to caricature. Publisher Emil Moestue Artist Nils Bergslien

Berliner zeitung (Germany)

Berliner zeitung
Deck of cards with cartoon characters from Berlin newspaper artist Erich Schmitt

Kawasaki (Japan)

As I already wrote, Japan in the 1970s, at the peak of its technological breakthrough, published a large number of original advertising decks, which were used as representative souvenirs. Nothing like this ever happened again in Japan.

Abraxas (Netherlands)

Abraxas is a deck of playing cards where the characters are crows instead of people, and they all smoke.

Hrvatske karte Croatian cards (Croatia)

Hrvatske karte Croatian cards
Croatian variation of a deck of cards, on the theme of the Seasons. Each suit symbolizes a certain time of year, the deck drawn by different artists was published in many countries where German suits are in use. This option is the most original in design that I have ever seen.

Berlin style (Germany)

Berlin style
Berlin style is a very popular deck, it was published by many publishing houses and it is difficult to count how many artists have drawn their own variation of such a deck. Another option.

Propaganda (Germany)

In the mid-20th century, playing cards were one of the products that were under government control; card production was either a government monopoly or the manufacturer was subject to an excise tax. A totalitarian state, such as Hitler's Germany, treated playing cards poorly. For example, playing cards were banned in the German army. But at the same time, ...

Added by: 15-03-2024

Shippendales (USA)

It is almost always customary to hide a man’s body, and if you say that it is beautiful, you will immediately be labeled as gay. Therefore, the deck is classified in the erotica section, although there are no taboo body parts on the cards.

Yes we can (Canada)

Yes we can
The deck is original in many respects. Firstly: it has 5 suits, the star suit has been added, and secondly, an additional card has been added to each suit, with another woman in the high cards. Well, the drawings themselves are quite original.

Naipe Popular Gacela (Mexico)

Naipe Popular Gacela
Another deck from Mexico with traditional Spanish suits.

Added by: 14-03-2024

Aries (Spain)

Unusual playing cards on the theme of the times of knights.

Honey wine cards (Japan)

Honey wine cards
In Japan, when the industry was at its peak in the 1970s and 80s and Japanese products were very popular, many promotional decks of playing cards were published, usually in small quantities and with unusual custom designs. One of those adorable decks.

Added by: 12-03-2024

Arab (Pakistan)

The deck is very rare. There are no identifying marks on the cards. I decided to translate the inscriptions on the cards. Google translator identified some of the maps in Urdu and Sindhi languages. These languages are used by the people of Pakistan. It turns out that this is the only deck I know of from Pakistan.

John Players Cigarette Manufactures (Great Britain)

John Players Cigarette Manufactures
Advertising deck for cigarette manufacturer John Players. Drawn by artist Nick Price. The drawings of the American standard were taken as a basis, but they were played out in such an original way: animals were added that the result was a unique deck.

Added by: 11-03-2024

Brouwers Bier (Belgium)

Brouwers Bier
Promotional deck of playing cards for the beer brand Brouwers Bier. They didn’t bother too much - they took a standard deck and attached beer glasses to the characters.

Venice (Italy)

Venice is perhaps the most unusual European city, which every traveler dreams of visiting. A fabulous city - impossible to describe in words - photographs tell the best story about the pearl of Italy.

Berlin style (Germany)

Berlin style
Original drawings of the Berlin style deck, with characters drawn in an unusual manner.

Suicide girls (USA)

Suicide girls
The first deck under the Suicide girls brand from the artist Rion Vernon with girls drawn in catalogs is classified as a pin-up style, but, in my opinion, this is a modern approach. Here the girls are not cuties, as in the classic pin-up, but are very individual. Tolerant attitude towards appearance.

Added by: 09-03-2024

Bharata (Australia)

The Bharata deck is designed by artist and designer Sunish Chabba. In theory, it would be more logical to attribute the deck to India, but globalization is bearing fruit - people from different countries choose the most comfortable places to live and there is a real penetration of cultures.

Larserics Vikings ( Sweden)

Larserics Vikings
Promotional deck of playing cards from Larserics. As I have written many times, advertising publications are a treasure trove for collectors. New original drawings and, as a rule, such a deck is very rare, since it is produced only once. This deck is about Vikings in a humorous style.

Added by: 08-03-2024

Romance Espanol (Spain)

Romance Espanol
An original and unusual deck of playing cards from the artist Carlos Saenz de Tejada.

Holmblads Billeder Eneret № 121 (Denmark)

Holmblads Billeder Eneret № 121
A deck with a similar design is on our website, both decks were published by the publisher S.Salomon & Co. The difference in the drawings is due to the fact that the lithographic printing method was only suitable for printing one edition. I had to redraw it for the next edition.

Pecos Bill The state of Texas (Finland)

Pecos Bill The state of Texas
Pecos Bill is a character from American folklore, a cowboy. The stories about him are set during the period of US expansion to the west: into Texas, New Mexico, Southern California and Arizona. At the beginning of the 20th century, these stories were recorded by Edward O'Reilly. It is possible that he is their direct author, which, in this case, classifies ...

Added by: 04-03-2024

Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Decks of playing cards from African countries are very rare. And they are not produced very often and even less often reach collectors. Ethiopia is an exception. This is the fourth deck from this country. Design by Max Dissar & Rita Rielle

Kings of India (Canada)

Kings of India
India is one of the very exotic countries, shrouded in so many mysteries and secrets that interest in the culture and history of the country will never wane. Design by Humble Raja

Pin up girl playing cards (Denmark)

Pin up girl playing cards
I usually don't pay attention to deck backs. This deck is an exception - pin-up art is my favorite style of drawing women. And who doesn't like that? The advantage of the deck was the original American standard cards from the Danish artist.

Added by: 03-03-2024

Centenario (Mexico)

Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country, since this part of the American continent was a colony of Spain, so traditional Spanish decks are common in this country.

Added by: 29-02-2024

Mongolian National Economical Bank (Mongolia)

Mongolian National Economical Bank
The first deck of playing cards known to me with national flavor, of the classic type from Mongolia.

Added by: 26-02-2024

Vizago (Australia)

The deck was published in Australia. Publisher and artist Annette Abolins - Abolina Art

Nine Lives (Australia)

Nine Lives
The deck was published in Australia. Publisher and artist Annette Abolins - Abolina Art

Added by: 25-02-2024

1860 by Hanchen Rübcke in Hamburg (Germany)

1860 by Hanchen Rübcke in Hamburg
In the 19th century, publishers often approached the release of decks very thoroughly. In 1860, the publisher Hanchen Rübcke from Hamburg commissioned the artist not only to have different halves on one high card, but also to draw designs for all the score cards.

Tarok Johann Traugott Meyer in Hannover (Germany)

Tarok Johann Traugott Meyer in Hannover
Tarok by the German publisher Johann Traugott Meyer from Hanover, published in 1800.

Petroleum ( Sweden)

I attributed this advertising deck of Petroleum playing cards to Sweden, but the deck may be for Denmark. Who knows - write.

Added by: 24-02-2024

Brevetees (Belgium)

The most suitable word that comes to mind to express my feeling about the deck from the publisher Daveluy is that it is pretentious. This is precisely its charm.

Paris pattern E.Testu (France )

Paris pattern E.Testu
French deck from 1840 from the publisher E.Testu.

Arabian (Japan)

This deck of playing cards with an Arabic theme was published in the country of Japan. In Arab countries, playing cards with national themes are issued extremely rarely, but there is naturally interest in the Arab world.

Added by: 21-02-2024

Bulgarian playing cards (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian playing cards
As I have written many times, I am very interested in national classic decks. The world is interesting for its diversity of cultures and traditions. Unfortunately, the times are now returning when the one who is stronger tries to destroy the weak, precisely because the other wants to preserve his originality. It is important to preserve and remind about the ...

Added by: 19-02-2024

Belgian playing cards 1850 (Belgium)

Belgian playing cards 1850
Belgian playing cards from 1850.

French playing cards Mythological (France )

French playing cards Mythological
French playing cards Mythological 1880 from the publisher J. Leclaire

Joseph Fetscher (Germany)

Joseph Fetscher
German deck of playing cards with full-length figures from the publisher Joseph Fetscher, circa 1830.

Don't kill the messenger (Ukraine)

Don't kill the messenger
An interesting deck on the theme of the Mongol Empire. First published in Ukraine.

Russian style - German edition (Germany)

Russian style - German edition
One of the well-known Russian decks is Russian style. And it’s natural that artists make their own variations. This deck is an interesting re-drawing published in Germany. For those who like to compare and consider.

Added by: 02-02-2024

Russian nautical playing cards (Russia)

Russian nautical playing cards
Very rarely, Russian decks are printed at well-known European card factories. It's even rarer to hire interesting artists. This deck, drawn in the Palekh style, was first printed at the Austrian factory Piatnik. The customer of this wonderful deck is the Central Design Bureau of Marine Equipment "Rubin".

Added by: 01-02-2024

Political playing cards of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Political playing cards of St. Petersburg
I don’t know what year the deck was released, as well as most of the playing cards depicted. But definitely until 2021. The jokers are Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Putin. A deck without output data, which is not surprising, in a country where parody and satire of those in power is so persecuted.

Stop covid-19 (Russia)

Stop covid-19
The coronavirus in 2020-2021 left a huge mark on modern history, causing panic throughout the world and claiming numerous lives, and of course, playing cards dedicated to this disaster appeared.

Prison playing cards (Russia)

Prison playing cards
In Russia, a lot of people have been and are going through prisons. Even talented people end up in prison. Card games - despite the ban - one of the possibilities of communication and play - have given rise to such a layer of artistic creativity - the production of playing cards.

French black palekh (France )

French black palekh
One of the most famous Russian decks is Pavel Bazhenov’s Black Palekh. And I was pleasantly surprised when I received a French advertising deck for the perfume brand Van Cleef & Arpels made by the artist H. Simoni in the style of Palekh artists. And what a pity, now to realize how the current regime in Russia has thrown the country away from ...

Added by: 22-01-2024

Hamburger Bild (Germany)

Hamburger Bild
Each large German region had a traditional design of playing cards, which was redrawn by different artists, but the images of card heroes were similar in poses and design elements. This is a Hamburg style deck.

Baade (Germany)

German deck from the publisher J.A. Steinberger, 1860. I like decks from the second half of the 19th century for their sophisticated graphics. As a rule, decks were printed with black ink and then hand-painted.

H. Benedictus frères (Belgium)

H. Benedictus frères
A deck of playing cards from 1850 from the publisher H. Benedictus frères.

Fortuna (Germany)

One of the beautiful decks of playing cards from the publisher Conrad Ludwig Wuest.

South American costume - Brazilia (Brazil)

South American costume - Brazilia
Deck printed by C.L.Wuest for Brazil

Holmblad Pattern (Denmark)

Holmblad Pattern
Early 20th century deck from Denmark. First publisher Salomon&Co

Conrad Ludwig Wuest 1880 (Germany)

Conrad Ludwig Wuest 1880
One of the decks from the German publisher Conrad Ludwig Wuest from 1880.

Added by: 17-01-2024

Three Musketeers (France )

Three Musketeers
Dumas's Three Musketeers have become a symbol of France for everyone who is somehow familiar with this work, either directly from books or from numerous film adaptations. And of course, in France itself a sufficient number of interesting decks about musketeers were published.

Neues Standardbild (Germany)

Neues Standardbild
One of the Dondorf factory decks from the early 20th century.

Titze & Schinkay (Austria)

Titze & Schinkay
Antique deck from the mid-19th century from Austria from the publisher Titze & Schinkay.

Norwegian playing cards (Norway)

Norwegian playing cards
Not many playing cards are known to have been issued in Norway, but new discoveries are being made thanks to collectors. One of those decks.

Danish Holmblad Pattern (France )

Danish Holmblad Pattern
French edition of a deck of Danish design from the early 20th century.

Competitive Satin Design (Russia)

Competitive Satin Design
This deck was probably printed only once. And until now it was unknown. The manner of depicting the characters, in my opinion, is very similar to the Glazetny deck

Russian playing cards from 1860 (Russia)

Russian playing cards from 1860
Russian playing cards from 1860; previously such a deck was unknown to collectors and historians. This is the first re-release. Only thanks to foreign collectors does information appear. Lithographic printing had its own characteristics, the lithographic stone became unusable and if a given design was redrawn in a completely different way, then this ...

Added by: 10-01-2024

Handa (Denmark)

One of the classic decks of Danish playing cards.

2000-1 dollar (China)

2000-1 dollar
Chinese deck with dollar on the back.

Alt Hamburger von Hein Gaz (Germany)

Alt Hamburger von Hein Gaz
German antique deck with views of ancient Hamburg on point cards. Deutsches antikes Deck mit Ansichten des alten Hamburg auf Punktekarten.

dolls Bratz (Ukraine)

dolls Bratz
The deck is dedicated to the famous Bratz dolls.