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Added by: 01-12-2023

Finland Suomi (Finland)

Finland Suomi
Finland was the only autonomous entity within the Russian Empire until 1917, and it is the only territory that was allowed to issue its own playing cards. Nowadays anyone can produce playing cards. And before there was a monopoly on the production of playing cards. In Russia until 1917. And later in the USSR, only one factory in St. Petersburg could produce ...

Gilded fly (Russia)

Gilded fly
Unique playing cards. Before this, only artist Efim Shifrin released two decks of playing cards with his photographs. In this deck, Egor Altman is on the red suits and Dmitry Solopov is on the black suits. The two of them are on the aces. These businessmen created many different projects. One of the most famous radios still operating is “Business FM”.

Berlin pattern (Switzerland)

Berlin pattern
In Europe, the interpenetration of cultures proceeded at an accelerated pace. Playing cards as a means of interethnic communication were one of the elements of the exchange of cultural codes. That is why the classic Berlin playing cards were also published in Switzerland.

Card metallum (Russia)

Card metallum
New times and the availability of printing make it possible for ultra-low-circulation publications to appear. Card metallum is one of these decks created in Russia. Designer Pavel Biomechannik

Prison Stencil Playing Cards (Russia)

Prison Stencil Playing Cards
A unique deck of playing cards from prison. I've seen many different decks made using stencils, but all the ones I've encountered so far were made by lazy craftsmen. The stencil was made with three drawings: one drawing each of a jack, a queen and a king. And it turned out that on each suit the pattern was repeated. Here all 16 drawings are different. from ...

Added by: 30-11-2023

Prison playing cards (Russia)

Prison playing cards
I don’t know if there is such a saying somewhere else: “Don’t swear off scrip and prison.” A lot of people passed through places of detention in the USSR. And it wasn’t even necessary to commit a crime. As sad as it may be, even now there are political prisoners in Russia. And new ones appear. Plus criminal and economic prisoners. Very talented ...

Maxidom (Russia)

The satin playing cards of the artist Charlemagne turned out to be the most replicated in the history of the countries of the former USSR, and of course these drawings could not help but become the object of alterations. This deck is one of the wonderful reincarnations.

Added by: 24-11-2023

Franzoesische Karten (Germany)

Franzoesische Karten
The deck was published in Germany by J.P.Buergers. They are called French because in Germany the classic cards are cards with their own suits and other characters, where there are no queens at all - there is a king, a chief officer and a non-commissioned officer.

Le Bourgeois (France )

Le Bourgeois
French deck of playing cards from the mid-19th century.

Added by: 22-11-2023

Road (Russia)

Decks of playing cards in pin-up style are not produced very often in Russia, and each such deck with girls makes me happy, but the publishers’ approach to the concept saddens me - there are 52 cards in the deck, and the drawings are only on the cards from jacks to aces.

Wild West native american warriors (Ukraine)

Wild West native american warriors
The indigenous people, the American Indians, left an indelible mark with their distinctive culture. The interest is enormous and, of course, playing card publishers are constantly turning to the history of Indian tribes.

Wild West Gunfighters (Ukraine)

Wild West Gunfighters
Ukrainian deck of playing cards on the theme of the Wild West. American cowboys, like American westerns, attract the attention of many people with their adventure romance.

MRM (Ukraine)

Advertising deck of playing cards from the Ukrainian company MRM. I believe that the card characters are employees of the company. The deck was printed in a small edition.

Maximilian Joseph Frommann (Germany)

Maximilian Joseph Frommann
Classic deck from the mid-19th century. Publisher Maximilian Joseph Frommann

War against Napoleon (Germany)

War against Napoleon
The deck of playing cards was released several years after the wars fought by Napoleonic France. Artist J.C.F.Neubauer First published by C.L.Wuest

Added by: 20-11-2023

Water birds (Great Britain)

Water birds
All playing cards have wonderful designs of waterfowl.

Malmo-Kort ( Sweden)

First published by Skanska Lithografiska AB

DSB gods (Denmark)

DSB gods
Humorous playing card characters add a little zest to an otherwise too serious world.

Republicaines (France )

French playing cards from the mid-19th century with political themes.

Hollandaises (France )

designed by F.Simon

Saechsisches Einfachbild (Germany)

Saechsisches Einfachbild
Deck of playing cards with German suits. First published by J. G. Schulze

Lequart (France )

Playing cards with Spanish suits.

Fossorier, Amar et Cie (France )

Fossorier, Amar et Cie
French deck with Spanish suits.

Added by: 09-11-2023

The best views of the Crimea (Ukraine)

The best views of the Crimea
One of the rare species decks where the publishers approached it creatively and with humor. The artist placed funny cartoon characters on the cards, which, in my opinion, make the cards more interesting.

Added by: 06-11-2023

devils Dimitri Vojnov (Germany)

devils Dimitri Vojnov
Original German deck with devils from the artist Dimitri Vojnov. No one has ever published anything like this.

Menatours (Egypt)

Egypt is one of the most visited countries by tourists. The history of ancient Egypt, the pyramids of the Pharaohs - arouse the interest of people from all countries of the world. A lot of playing cards are published in Egypt. Most of the decks are specific, and even more decks are “knocked together”, where the same pictures are on all suits. This deck ...

Added by: 21-10-2023

Klubines (Lithuania)

Klubines - Lithuanian deck from the mid-1930s.

Kunigaiksciai (Lithuania)

The Kunigaiksciai deck of playing cards was produced in Kaunas in 1930-1944, before Soviet troops entered the city. Private property and entrepreneurship were banned in the USSR, just as the production of playing cards was concentrated only in Leningrad. artist Adomas Varnas

Added by: 12-10-2023

Georgia (Georgia)

In Georgia, playing cards are issued periodically. But interesting classic decks with national characters come out very rarely. I know of only three such decks. This is just the third one.

Added by: 05-10-2023

Yougoslavie ( Serbia)

Following the USSR, such a European country as Yugoslavia collapsed. Also, by the way, created as a result of the First World War. This deck was first released in 1933. We attributed the deck to Serbia, since it is the largest country and it was actually the basis of all of Yugoslavia until 2006, when Montenegro broke away from it.

Grimaud No.1950 (France )

Grimaud No.1950
Deck from the famous French card factory Grimaud of the early 20th century.

Added by: 04-10-2023

Hunting Johann Conrad Jegel 1880 (Germany)

Hunting Johann Conrad Jegel 1880
New hunting deck design from publisher Johann Conrad Jegel from 1880

hunting Johann Conrad Jegel 1830 (Germany)

hunting Johann Conrad Jegel 1830
Deck by German publisher Johann Conrad Jegel (Nuernberg, Germany) on the topic of hunting.

Greece 1890 (Greece)

Greece 1890
Rare Greek deck from the late 19th century.

Added by: 21-07-2023

Ch. Burow (Germany)

Ch. Burow
Germany, in the history of card production, has presented fans of mini works in the form of playing cards with a huge number of very interesting decks. In the city of Hamburg there was a publisher Ch. Burow who released this cool deck of cards.

Historic deck Old England (Great Britain)

Historic deck Old England
In the deck, each suit depicts the characters of England from different centuries from knights to Rococo times. First published by Chas Goodall & Son Ltd.

Polish Steam Ship Company (Poland)

Polish Steam Ship Company
Promotional deck of playing cards for the Polish Steam Ship Company. Minimalistic graphics, it is necessary to be able to - after drawing a few lines - to create a complete image of a card character.

Mingote (Spain)

Interesting hooligan drawing style. Artist Antonio Mingote

Added by: 20-07-2023

Luxury C.L. Wuest (Germany)

Luxury C.L. Wuest
The playing card factory in the German city of Frankfurt am Main of the publisher Conrad Ludwig Wuest under the brand name Wust existed from 1811 to 1927 and produced a number of charming decks over more than 100 years.

Ginette Robitaille (Canada)

Ginette Robitaille
Original deck in the style of fashion magazines from designer Ginette Robitaille

Added by: 14-07-2023

Nude retro USSR (Russia)

Nude retro USSR
Decks with erotic photographs were first published in the USA during the Second World War, until that time there is no information on any such deck in 8 volumes of the encyclopedia of erotic playing cards. But confusion, as always, will be brought in by someone. Due to the fact that the deck used photographs taken around the beginning of the 20th century, ...

Heroic (Greece)

Now in Greece many decks of playing cards are produced, because the country has begun to actively attract tourists. Previously, original cards were issued very rarely. For example, this deck is from 1910.

Vier-Weltreiche Four Empires (Germany)

Vier-Weltreiche Four Empires
One of the beautiful decks of the German factory Dondorf produced in the 19th century.

Added by: 09-06-2023

Seven Seas Maori (New Zealand)

Seven Seas Maori
Interesting national deck from New Zealand.

Added by: 20-05-2023

USA playing cards Dollar (China)

USA playing cards Dollar
Anglo-American standard with original Ace and Dollar back

S.P.G. De Bijnkorf (Netherlands)

S.P.G. De Bijnkorf
Advertising deck of playing cards with original aces for the Dutch company S.P.G. De Bijnkorf.

Ukraine (Ukraine)

Deck with historical figures of Ukraine.

Lviv souvenir cards (Ukraine)

Lviv souvenir cards
Lviv is one of the most beautiful European cities. As a child, during the Soviet era, I happened to visit this city. I was fascinated by the architecture, narrow streets, I had never been in such cities before.

Splav Army The set for blow up (Russia)

Splav Army The set for blow up
An interesting deck of playing cards about the army. On cards 6-10 are charming girls in military style.

Souvenir of London (Israel)

Souvenir of London
Classic Anglo-American standard deck printed in Israel for a London firm

Wonderful views from Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

Wonderful views from Bulgaria
In tourist countries, species decks are produced very often. Bulgaria has been very actively involved in this trend in recent years.

Snow Maiden No. 4 (Russia)

Snow Maiden No. 4
There was a period in modern Russia when Romantic New Year cards began to be published, with girls not devoid of eroticism. You can probably even attribute these drawings to the pin-up style. But either such postcards were not in demand, or the publishers switched to self-censorship, or state censorship reached postcards, such products disappeared from ...

Added by: 19-05-2023

Snow Maiden No. 3 (Russia)

Snow Maiden No. 3
The Snow Maiden is an original character left over from the heritage of the USSR. One of the positive examples of a good cultural phenomenon born of the Soviet era.

Wonderful views from Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

Wonderful views from Bulgaria
Until recently, Russia was part of the world and Russians could travel around the world. Bulgaria was one of the popular destinations. For now, the only thing left is nostalgia. But it is believed that the dark forces briefly captured Russia.

Added by: 11-05-2023

Cambissa (Italy)

Very interesting Italian deck of playing cards with beautiful unusual patterns.

Card-i-cature (Russia)

All cards have cartoons of politicians from the deck release period - 2007 by artist Alex Hughes. The caricaturist notices in a person and then reflects in his work the attributes inherent in the character. Look how accurately (looking from the height of today's day) the president of Russia is prophetically ominously portrayed...

Snow Maiden (Russia)

Snow Maiden
The Snow Maiden is a New Year's character who is exclusively recognizable only in the territories of the former USSR. Like Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden appeared due to the fact that an atheistic worldview dominated the country and the authorities decided to resurrect the New Year's holiday as an alternative to celebrating Christmas. And I must say what ...

Added by: 05-05-2023

Views from Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

Views from Bulgaria
The world is beautiful with its diversity of cultures, traditions and languages. Traveling to different countries, a person becomes spiritually richer. Playing cards with views are now an indispensable souvenir in countries that develop tourism.

Big jackpot (Russia)

Big jackpot
A rare deck of playing cards for a special game about raiders - people who seize and hold other people's property by brute force, bypassing the law. Released in Novosibirsk in 2007, drawn by artist Alexander Medvedev.

Girl - holiday № 3 (Russia)

Girl - holiday № 3
On playing cards there are drawings of festive girls.

Steppe deck (Kazakhstan)

Steppe deck
A deck of playing cards with a national theme from Kazakhstan. This deck was made in a hurry or in great carelessness. Looking at the deck, you can find several designer errors.

cigarettes Continent (Russia)

cigarettes Continent
Cigarette manufacturers often use playing cards to promote their products. This deck is the size of a pack of cigarettes. This deck is original in drawings. The suits use one of the favorite themes of 4 continents - 4 skin colors - 4 cultures.

Harry Potter (Belgium)

Harry Potter
Harry Potter, invented by the writer JK Rowling at the end of the 20th century (the first book was published in 1997), has become the most famous character of recent years. As of February 2023, the books have sold over 600 million copies worldwide, making them the best-selling book series in history, and are available in 85 languages. And that's not to ...

Added by: 20-04-2023

Empire (Kazakhstan)

Very interesting Kazakh deck. Quite a few decks of playing cards in the national style have already been published in Kazakhstan. This deck is unusual, the images of playing cards are applied in gold. The deck was published at least three times, that's how many versions of the edition I held in my hands. Nevertheless, the deck is rare, apparently each ...

World famous arts Sailing II (China)

World famous arts Sailing II
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases of different artists who painted sailboats in the sea and pictures about it.

World famous arts Sailing I (China)

World famous arts Sailing I
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases of different artists who painted sailboats in the sea and pictures about it.

Herforder beer caps (Germany)

Herforder beer caps
I like non-standard decks of cards. This deck was printed on beer caps. To collect the entire deck, you had to buy 32 bottles of Herforder beer.

Royal playing cards (Russia)

Royal playing cards
The deck was released in Saratov by order of the Army store in St. Petersburg. On the cards there are tsars from the history of Russia - Peter the Great, Nicholas II, Ivan the Terrible and some others. Artist Irina Bordey

Added by: 19-04-2023

The Second World War (Russia)

The Second World War
One of the rarest decks produced in Saratov by order of the Army Store in St. Petersburg. Characters of 4 countries of the USSR, USA, Japan and Germany are divided by suits

LIVIZ St. Petersburg (Russia)

LIVIZ St. Petersburg
An interesting advertising deck of the St. Petersburg alcohol company LIVIZ, founded, as they believe, in 1897. On the cards from the jack to the king, the image of labels from the company's products. I don’t know what range of products was at that time, but it seems to me that it would be possible to make cards not only with modern labels, but also make ...

The best views of the Crimea (Ukraine)

The best views of the Crimea
These are now specific decks of playing cards, quite a familiar souvenir, the same deck in 2008 became the first of the specific decks of the Crimea. The publisher of the deck "Iver" released several specific decks this year and in subsequent years.

Satin Saratov (Russia)

Satin Saratov
Reissue of the famous satin playing cards. Features original red and black jokers, for variety collectors. Rare edition, only 1 print run.

Russian army of 1812 № 2 (Russia)

Russian army of 1812 № 2
In 1812 there were many different divisions of the army and each had its own differences in uniforms and weapons, so all the varieties could not fit in one deck.

Russian army of 1812 (Russia)

Russian army of 1812
The artist Oleg Parkhaev very thoroughly approached the theme of the Russian military uniform and weapons of the period of Napoleon's attack on Russia in 1812. The military uniform of that time resembled costumes for a masquerade ball. Wars were started then and now by rulers, but kings used to often take part in battles themselves, placing soldiers in an ...

sex cards (Latvia )

sex cards
The only bright erotic deck from the famous Latvian collector, propagandist and publisher of playing cards Janis Metra. The cards were drawn in 1991 and published in a limited edition in 2008. Several jokes are drawn on the playing cards in the form of comics.

Four elements: fire, water, earth and air (Russia)

Four elements: fire, water, earth and air
The deck is dedicated to four elements, one element = suit: fire, water, earth and air. On scorecards from 2 to 10 naked girls in contact with one of the elements. For those who do not like erotica, there is an option without erotic photos with the usual suit icons for 2-10.

Russian painting No. 3 (Russia)

Russian painting No. 3
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases of various Russian artists in the nude genre. On the back is a calendar for 2009.

Russian painting No. (Russia)

Russian painting No.
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases of various Russian artists in the nude genre. On the back is a calendar for 2009.

Russian painting No. 1 (Russia)

Russian painting No. 1
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases of various Russian artists in the nude genre. On the back is a calendar for 2009.

Pin-up collection Bill Randall and Ted Withers (Russia)

Pin-up collection Bill Randall and Ted Withers
This deck was prepared for release for a special edition in the city of Odessa on the eve of 2007. Why there? Because the publisher of pocket calendars, Roman Sendega, lived there, and after meeting me, several decks of playing cards. He printed all his publications in a very unusual way on foil, then the foil was laminated in an unusual way. All editions ...

Die Schonsten Girls The most beautiful girls (Switzerland)

Die Schonsten Girls The most beautiful girls
A deck of playing cards with topless girls. Released for Blick magazine

Added by: 18-04-2023

Antoine Van Genechten (Belgium)

Antoine Van Genechten
This Belgian deck was released in the middle of the 19th century. Printed in black ink only drawing cards. The suit badges, both black and red, as well as the suits, were stenciled. It is interesting that the halves of the cards were painted in different colors.

Butterfly Elaine M. Lewis (Great Britain)

Butterfly Elaine M. Lewis
Butterfly-themed playing cards from English publisher and artist Elaine M. Lewis. All decks are hand-painted by the author. Circulation 30 copies.

Fast food (Great Britain)

Fast food
Playing cards by English publisher and artist Elaine M. Lewis. All decks are hand-painted by the author. Circulation 30 copies.

Jon Hul (Russia)

Jon Hul
All playing cards feature painted nude girls by artist Jon Hul.

Added by: 14-04-2023

Army cards (Russia)

Army cards
I came to a pacifist worldview a long time ago, especially sinister shades, although what shades, everything has become very bright lately, but the deck was released in 2007, when no one could have guessed yet ... - maybe that's why then it turned out to be so peaceful, All characters are unarmed.

200th anniversary of Suvorov crossing the Alps (Russia)

200th anniversary of Suvorov crossing the Alps
This deck is unique. The only sample of the Russian style deck known to me was released at the Color Printing Combine with English indices in the post-war period. It is not known who was the customer for the release of this deck, but they obviously tried at the plant, the cards are covered with additional varnish.

Playing cards in the style of Salvador Dali (Russia)

Playing cards in the style of Salvador Dali
Novosibirsk artist Ekaterina Stupakova, on my order, painted card characters in the style of Salvador Dali's drawings. In my opinion it turned out very stylish and unusual. On cards from 2 to 10, the work of Salvador Dali himself.

Sexy playing cards (Germany)

Sexy playing cards
The male body in the nude was subjected to more taboo, a naked man is allowed to stand in public places only in the form of a statue, and then most often with a fig leaf. This deck is a vivid confirmation of this; it is almost all of fig leaves. But who is interested in looking at various less forbidden parts of the male body will be able to enjoy ...

Hein Pigs Piglets (Germany)

Hein Pigs Piglets
In Germany, advertising decks have been produced for a very long time, a well-known deck is periodically taken and only the back of the cards is made advertising. But some release their original designer deck and sometimes animals become card heroes - here on all playing cards from jack to king - pigs.

Added by: 13-04-2023

Schaffhouse (Switzerland)

Antique playing cards from Switzerland.

Todd Essick Beginnings Goddesses, sirens and mermaids (Russia)

Todd Essick Beginnings Goddesses, sirens and mermaids
On the playing cards are amazingly beautiful photographs of Todd Essik. The underwater world is mysterious and frightening. Photographer Todd Essick captures this in his photographs of underwater women and marine life.

Girls coca-cola 5 (Russia)

Girls coca-cola 5
On all the cards there is a pretty naked girl with Coca-Cola.

Added by: 10-04-2023

Folk deck 2007 (Ukraine)

Folk deck 2007
Playing cards with politicians of Ukraine in 2007. Artist M. Volov

Playboy 2002 Cindy Cranford (Russia)

Playboy 2002 Cindy Cranford
A very rare deck with Russian indices released under the Playboy 2002 Cindy Cranford brand. A variant of such a deck of 36 cards was common. Some of the photos show famous women Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford. Interestingly, the original photo of Pamela Anderson on the box was censored, naked breasts were covered with beads, which were reproduced in ...

S.X. No: 938 (Russia)

S.X. No: 938
A deck of playing cards with girls in swimsuits and lingerie, specially printed for the Russian market. This deck is another variant of the g00416 deck. There are other photos on some cards, and it is interesting that the girls who are repeated are on a different background.

Added by: 09-04-2023

New figures (Russia)

New figures
Alexander Perelman, a collector of playing cards, lived in St. Petersburg. His collection contained a huge number of different playing cards, including many unpublished original drawings by various artists, including the author of the famous Atlas Adolphe Charlemagne. During his lifetime, Perelman published a small book dedicated to Charlemagne's ...

Unreleased Adolphe Charlemagne (Russia)

Unreleased Adolphe Charlemagne
Alexander Perelman, a collector of playing cards, lived in St. Petersburg. His collection contained a huge number of different playing cards, including many unpublished original drawings by various artists, including the author of the famous Atlas Adolphe Charlemagne. During his lifetime, Perelman published a small book dedicated to Charlemagne's ...

Russian playing cards (Russia)

Russian playing cards
Original design of Russian playing cards by artist Ekaterina Stupakova.

artist Vladimir Zarubin 2 (Russia)

artist Vladimir Zarubin 2
Artist Vladimir Zarubin painted many postcards for various holidays. Despite the huge interest in his work, new unknown works of his periodically appear.

Greek cats (Greece)

Greek cats
Another deck of playing cards from Greece with cats.

Added by: 06-04-2023

Robin Hood (Russia)

Robin Hood
Playing cards in classic style with heroes from the time of Robin Hood.

Loving cards (Great Britain)

Loving cards
Playing cards by English publisher and artist Elaine M. Lewis. All decks are hand-painted by the author. Edition of 20 copies.

1 grade (Russia)

1 grade
1959 deck of the 3rd offset printing factory in a paper parcel. A cheap version of the famous Satin.

Pin-up collection № 13 (Russia)

Pin-up collection № 13
All playing cards have pin-up drawings by four artists: Bill Medcalf, Arthur Sarnoff, Arnold Armitage, Edvard D Ancona.

Russian troika (Russia)

Russian troika
On all cards there is a New Year's Russian troika with Grandfather Frost.

Pin-up collection № 14 Rolf Armstrong (Russia)

Pin-up collection № 14 Rolf Armstrong
The deck contains pin-up drawings by the artist Rolf Armstrong, a deck from the Pin-up collection series under No. 14

Nude art № 1 (Russia)

Nude art № 1
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases with naked beauties of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Nude art № 2 (Russia)

Nude art № 2
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases with naked beauties of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Nude art № 3 (Russia)

Nude art № 3
On all playing cards there are picturesque canvases with naked beauties of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

Wolf (Great Britain)

All playing cards have black-and-white photographs of nude beauties from the mid-20th century.

Beer Barrel (Russia)

Beer Barrel
Playing cards in the shape of a barrel, on all cards there is a photo of a naked beautiful girl with a beer.

Added by: 05-04-2023

La Vie Parisenne Live in Paris (France )

La Vie Parisenne Live in Paris
Pin-up is my favorite genre of drawing, women drawn in this style have a fabulous appeal - sort of playful princesses... artist James Hodges

Russian girl Olesya (Russia)

Russian girl Olesya
The beauty of the female body, plus a bit of "reckless" hooliganism.

Russian New Year's Troika (Russia)

Russian New Year's Troika
Russian culture is very rich, one of the Russian entertainments is winter sleigh rides pulled by three horses. And it is no coincidence that the Russian Santa Claus was depicted riding a troika. And what a pity that Russia will now for many years be associated not with a broad Russian soul and fun, but with sowing death and destruction.

QB/T2228-2003 Naked girls (China)

QB/T2228-2003 Naked girls
The first deck with naked girls from China, which ended up in my collection. Before that, there were decks only with girls in swimsuits.

55 Pin-Ups (Belgium)

55 Pin-Ups
Despite the fact that such a charming deck was released several times with different promotional shirts, it is one of the rare pin-up decks, it is very rare for sale.

Ransid Royals (Great Britain)

Ransid Royals
A deck by English artist and publisher Elaine M. Lewis. All decks are hand-painted by the author. Circulation 30 copies.

artist Vladimir Zarubin (Russia)

artist Vladimir Zarubin
All playing cards have drawings by one of the most popular artists of the USSR, Vladimir Zarubin.

Crete (Greece)

Crete is the largest island in Greece. This deck of playing cards with photos from this island. The publishers did not particularly bother, so the photos are very diverse. There is no way to name a deck - the sights of Crete. Although...

The Greek cats (Greece)

The Greek cats
The tourist business in Greece is very developed, decks of playing cards are an affordable souvenir, and there are a lot of them produced there. Cats are the eternal companions of people and of course there are decks of playing cards with cats.

Pin-up playing cards № 2 (Russia)

Pin-up playing cards № 2
All playing cards have the same girl by artist Dean Yeagle

Added by: 03-04-2023

Little Duke No.24 (USA)

Little Duke No.24
I have a love for miniature playing cards from the USA - this is the only tiny deck I have ever seen.

Hermes (France )

This French deck is notable for the fact that it was looking at it that the artist Salvador Dali made his artsy version.

Added by: 02-04-2023

Elephant (Germany)

Most of my life I've been selling humor. And before and after that, I still like funny things. And I'm always happy with decks of cards where card characters make me smile. This deck is a parody of the classic Berlin deck, where instead of people, elephants are just like that. To treat life with humor, even in difficult moments, is the best solution!

Good luck (Hong Kong)

Good luck
All the playing cards feature nude beauties from the 1960s.

Otis Sweat (Russia)

Otis Sweat
Women's breasts are a part of the body that attracts both the attention and the gaze of any normal man. Large female breasts - is one of the fetishes. In the people there is a name - boobs. Artist Otis Sweat draws women with big hypertrophied boobs in a humorous comic style.

Added by: 30-03-2023

Henderson celtic art (Russia)

Henderson celtic art
On all cards there are drawings of girls by the artist Henderson in Celtic patterns.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Netherlands)

KLM  Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest operating airline in the world. Founded in 1919. As I have repeatedly written, airlines have presented collectors with many unique playing card designs. this deck was drawn by Max Velthuijs

Versailles (France )

Playing cards with characters from the era of King Louis XIII. Artist Mademoiselle Mateja

Sourires de France (France )

Sourires de France
In France in the middle of the 20th century (1954-1960) there was such a wonderful publisher Philibert. The decks of playing cards released by this publisher are rarities that collectors are chasing. This deck is unusual for this publisher. The only one with a cardboard box and the only one of the decks with girls where the girls are in clothes.

Added by: 24-03-2023

Cartes de Fantaisie (France )

Cartes de Fantaisie
French playing cards from the mid 19th century.

Kama sutra (Germany)

Kama sutra
The Indian treatise on love Kama Sutra has been inspiring various artists and photographers to make their own illustrations for this immortal creation for many years. And of course there are many decks of playing cards. This deck is drawn with humor, it is a pity that the publishers turned out to be greedy and did not order the artist to draw all 54 ...

Added by: 23-03-2023

Le Cafe Pivard (France )

Le Cafe Pivard
deck was issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Cafe Pivard SA (Valence, France) Honours - The largest coffee producing countries Hearts: COLOMBIA; Clubs: INDONESIA; Diamonds: COTES D'IVOIRE; Spades: BRAZIL designed by Luis Fontanes

Gzhel (Russia)

Playing cards drawn in the style of the famous Gzhel painting. There are 2 versions of the edition, on cards from 6 to 10 with classic suit icons and another version with photos of girls.

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Kaiser Maximilian I (Germany)

Kaiser Maximilian I
Hunting-themed playing cards are issued quite often, as this has been one of the male hobbies for many centuries. I personally am not a supporter of such fun, although both my father and brother were hunters. I am opposed to the killing of animals without the need for survival.

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Nationale Nederlanden (Netherlands)

Nationale Nederlanden
This wonderful deck, one of my favorites, was released by Nationale Nederlanden. An unknown artist filled each playing card with such an abundance of small details that he turned the deck into an art gallery.

Mar rosso (Egypt)

Mar rosso
Egypt is by far one of the most visited countries by tourists. Rich ancient history, the Sahara desert and the charming Red Sea with a variety of underwater world. And of course, Egypt produces an abundance of souvenir decks of playing cards. This deck exists with text in different languages. This variation is in Italian.

Blue Robin (Russia)

Blue Robin
All playing cards have painted nude playful nymphets by the artist Blue Robin. All drawings are black and white.

Mark Blanton (Russia)

Mark Blanton
All playing cards feature painted nude girls by artist Mark Blanton. All drawings except for the box and jokers are black and white.

Kings, Knights and Dragons (Great Britain)

Kings, Knights and Dragons
Transformation decks where the suit sign on the point cards are very rare. Moreover, the artist decorates her pads by hand. The circulation of this deck is only 50 copies.

Noah’s Ark (Great Britain)

Noah’s Ark
Biblical interpretation of Noah's Ark by English artist Elaine M. Lewis. The artist paints her decks by hand. The circulation of this deck is only 50 copies.

Palekh (Russia)

A rather rare deck on the theme of Palekh painting published in Saratov.

Captain Grant (Russia)

Captain Grant
Advertising deck of the Novosibirsk company "Captain Grant", which was engaged in tourism. This company no longer exists.

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Boris Lopez (Russia)

Boris Lopez
The playing cards feature nude girls by artist Boris Lopez. All drawings are black and white, most likely drawn with a simple pencil. Either the artist chose girls of the same type, or the same girl posed for most of the drawings.

Baraja Te amo I love you deck (Spain)

Baraja Te amo I love you deck
Kolody podobnyye etoy, yavlyayutsya odnimi iz tekh vidov igral'nykh kart, radi kotorykh i stoit zanimat'sya kollektsionirovaniyem. Klassicheskaya ispanskaya koloda narisovana khudozhnikom Serafin deystvitel'no s lyubov'yu. Obnazhennyye devitsy ochen' ekstsentrichnyye i zabavnyye. na kartakh ot 3 do 7 devitsy, predstavitel'nitsy raznykh narodov i nadpisi: ...

Michal Dutkiewicz (Russia)

Michal Dutkiewicz
All the playing cards feature nude chicks half comics, half pin-ups by artist Michal Dutkiewicz.

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Cartes Patience Type № 414 (Belgium)

Cartes Patience  Type № 414
Decks of playing cards of small size, most often used for games on the road and for playing solitaire. Now small decks are published much less often.

Sea & Coastal Birds (Great Britain)

Sea & Coastal Birds
All playing cards have very beautiful drawings of birds. A deck for nature lovers.

Added by: 12-03-2023

Animals of the world (USA)

Animals of the world
On all playing cards there are representatives of the animal world, mostly terrestrial and quite a bit of waterfowl and birds. artist Virginijus Poshkus

Berlin Style No. 206 PIATNIK (Austria)

Berlin Style No. 206 PIATNIK
When this deck fell into my hands, I thought it was the same deck as g01026 just in a different box. But it turned out that although the drawings are similar, the faces are different. This is my favorite game - find the differences. Most decks that have been repeatedly reprinted have a lot of variations from edition to edition. This is due to the fact ...

Gothic Tallinn (Estonia)

Gothic Tallinn
An interesting Estonian deck that combines classic mirror cards and views of Tallinn. It's a pity that on cards from 2 to 10 the drawings on all suits are the same. Of course, it is possible that the publishers did not find other buildings in the Gothic style in Tallinn.

Added by: 11-03-2023

Kulturalne rozdanie cultural deal (Poland)

Kulturalne rozdanie cultural deal
Original deck of playing cards from Poland.

New century Famous automobiles fashion and classic (China)

New century Famous automobiles fashion and classic
All playing cards have different cars of the new 21st century.

Added by: 10-03-2023

Kalmyk playing cards (Russia)

Kalmyk playing cards
The original national deck of playing cards of one of the republics of Russia - Kalmykia. Exactly the way I like it.

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Saddle up! (Great Britain)

Saddle up!
An erotic deck of playing cards by English artist Elaine Lewis.

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At the top Burj Khalifa (UAE)

At the top Burj Khalifa
In the United Arab Emirates and in particular in the most touristic of them, Dubai, many decks of playing cards are produced, but most of them are Anglo-American decks with the original back. But there are also original ones, such with people is one of them.

NO RWM (Russia)

NO RWM is the national operator for radioactive waste management. Various enterprises, including federal ones, produce their personal decks of playing cards.

Added by: 26-02-2023

Route 69 (Great Britain)

Route 69
English artist Elaine Lewis has been drawing and publishing her decks for many years. Basically, all her card characters are from the Anglo-American deck, but nevertheless, the decks are not at all boring, in this deck there are also drawn girls on the score cards.

White Palekh No. 1 (Russia)

White Palekh No. 1
Palekh miniatures attract me with an abundance of small details, Palekh style is a mixture of graphics and painting into one "cocktail" that gives an unforgettable aftertaste after viewing.

White Palekh No. 2 (Russia)

White Palekh No. 2
Palekh painting is, perhaps, a separate direction in art. An amazing genre, where every extra line is not superfluous at all - but another stroke in the lace of the brush of Palekh masters.

Oros intransparente espanol (Mexico)

Oros intransparente espanol
Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and playing cards with Spanish suits are, of course, classics for this country. One of those decks.

Kazakh Khanate Казак хандыfы (Kazakhstan)

Kazakh Khanate Казак хандыfы
Increasingly, original national playing cards began to appear in Kazakhstan, which pleases me as a collector: I like the unique national color. The world in general is interesting for its versatility.

Telephone playing cards (Russia)

Telephone playing cards
A unique deck of playing cards issued on telephone cards, at that time cellular communications were not yet so developed and there were telephone sets on the streets, in order to call you had to buy a telephone card, each card had a certain time limit. Accordingly, to collect a deck of 36 cards, it was necessary to spend a lot of money. When I found out ...

Wiener Patience (Austria)

Wiener Patience
A variation of the deck pattern g01179 with German indices was published in 1935.

Cars of the World No. 2 (China)

Cars of the World No. 2
On all playing cards cars of different brands. 2 versions of the deck were produced, on some cards there were other photos of cars

Cars of the World No. 1 (China)

Cars of the World No. 1
On all playing cards cars of different brands.

Bayerisches Doppelbild (Belgium)

Bayerisches Doppelbild
Classic Bavaria pattern

Jackie Chan (China)

Jackie Chan
All playing cards feature famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan.

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Euro Disney (Belgium)

Euro Disney
Anglo-American template cards with Disney faces.

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Erotic art of Olga Levchenko - 2 (Russia)

Erotic art of Olga Levchenko - 2
In the second deck of Olga Levchenko, plots a la kama-sutra appear on some cards, the drawings are very modest and the role of a shadow character is assigned to them both literally and figuratively.

Erotic art of Olga Levchenko (Russia)

Erotic art of Olga Levchenko
Maybe I rarely met this, but a woman who draws erotica is not a very common occurrence. The drawings drawn by a woman seem to me filled with sensuality and a frozen passion, ready to break out of paper towards the gaze of an interested viewer.

Added by: 06-02-2023

OCS Alice in Wonderland (Russia)

OCS Alice in Wonderland
This deck was released by OCS. Each card has quotes from Alice in Wonderland. This deck was drawn by Dmitry Nepomniachtchi and Olga Popugaeva. It should be noted that these same artists became the authors of the Hermita decks for the Hermitage.

Sweet heart 303 54 models (Hong Kong)

Sweet heart 303 54 models
Another deck from Hong Kong with charming naked beauties in a very modest style of the early 1970s.

Added by: 05-02-2023

Swedish playing cards (Russia)

Swedish playing cards
Russian edition of the Swedish deck.

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Turkey (Turkey)

One of the compact, but voluminous souvenirs in terms of informativeness are specific playing cards. In Turkey, as in any country that pays a lot of attention to the tourism sector, species decks are produced in abundance. It’s a pity they didn’t adopt the experience of Greece, where, along with species, a lot of decks with historical and mythological ...

Flower divination fortune-telling (Ukraine)

Flower divination fortune-telling
This original divination deck was released in Ukraine. The characters in the deck are taken from Austrian playing cards.

Betty Boop (USA)

Betty Boop
Hand-drawn cartoon character created by Max Fleischer. Between 1932 and 1939, Paramount Pictures produced a total of 99 Betty shorts in black and white. Betty Boop, at least in the early years, was notable for the character's overt sexuality, which attracted viewers, but eventually led to the closure of the project.

Added by: 30-01-2023

El Erotisimo en la Literatura Clasica Espanola (Spain)

El Erotisimo en la Literatura Clasica Espanola
On all cards there are erotic scenes from Spanish books from the artist Rafael Munoa.

Archie Dickens (Russia)

Archie Dickens
All cards feature erotic drawings of pretty girls by artist Archie Dickens.

Marker (Russia)

Unusual drawings of erotic subjects.

Victor Rinaldi - 2 (Russia)

Victor Rinaldi  - 2
All cards have erotic drawings by the artist Victor Rinaldi, but unlike the first deck (g01735), all drawings are black and white.

Victor Rinaldi (Russia)

Victor Rinaldi
All cards have erotic drawings by the artist Victor Rinaldi.

Super boobs - 1 (Russia)

Super boobs - 1
The deck contains computer drawings of girls with big boobs. As Ostap Bender said in one of the films: "A sultry woman is a poet's dream."

Two different decks in one (Germany)

Two different decks in one
On the halves of the cards there are different drawings, on one half there is a German deck with German indices, on the second there is a similarity of the Anglo-American deck. On both halves are original drawings that I have not seen anywhere else. It turns out, as it were, immediately 2 decks in one.

Rococo Piatnik (Austria)

Rococo Piatnik
The Rococo style on playing cards is a favorite theme for many publishers in the 20th century. The Austrian Piatnik is no exception.

Turkish (Turkey)

This deck was produced for Turkey in the early 20th century. Some of the cards are repeated with the g04407 deck. It is surprising that now there are no modern Turkish classical maps with a national flavor. But there are a lot of species decks with photographs of different Turkish cities. Apparently, the Islamic religion, dominant in the 20th century, does ...

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Austrian (Austria)

This deck from Piatnik is identified as a release for Turkey, but the Turkish release differs from this edition in that the kings and three jacks have a turban on their heads, and the jack of spades is also shaved and instead of a dagger he has a crooked Turkish saber in his hand. It seems to me that this deck is the original version for European ...

Added by: 26-01-2023

North-West GSM (Russia)

North-West GSM
Collecting playing cards is an exciting activity in itself, but it also gives you the opportunity to be a discoverer of the unknown. One such possibility is promotional decks. This North-West (North-West) GSM deck is one of the little-known decks. The circulation of advertising decks can be very small, and it is likely that the fact that this deck came to ...

Odissea (USA)

Odysseus is one of the heroes of Greek mythology. The culture of ancient Greece attracts many artists, and therefore many decks on the theme of ancient Greek mythology are produced not only in the country of Greece itself.

retro erotica (Russia)

retro erotica
Erotic photographs have almost always been forbidden in the world, and even more so in Russia. The taboo topic has given rise to a mystery for historians about their origin and the date of commencement of production in the USSR. This deck is one of the earliest and the quality of the photographs is original. Many photos appear in other decks, sometimes in ...

Golf (USA)

The game of golf is often shown in the movies as entertainment for rich people, which, as rarely happens, is not a fiction of filmmakers, but the truth. This is the only golf deck I know of.

No.450 Regional (Poland)

No.450  Regional
Polish playing cards with characters in national costumes, the deck was published many times. This issue with advertising beer brand Okocim

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poker 220 volt (Russia)

poker 220 volt
Advertising deck for a chain of stores of power tools 220 volts. The deck design is original, even the indexes on the cards. For example, the jack is indicated by the letter - V. It can, by analogy with which letter in English Volt.

beer Prazecka (Russia)

beer Prazecka
Russian edition of an advertising deck of Czech beer Prazecka. The deck is unusual, the beer is produced with a label depicting a charming blonde. The label character, in pin-up style, appears in this deck on ladies. Kings and Queens are retained from the classic Anglo-American deck. Which, from my point of view, gives the deck a big minus. Could take care ...

Added by: 18-01-2023

Whist No.320 (Denmark)

Whist No.320
The drawings in this deck turned out to be somehow fabulous, evoke something between a fairy tale about Cinderella and a story about Don Quixote. publisher F.D.B. Spillekort - Bogelund reprint

Kruckow - Waldorff 1920 (Denmark)

Kruckow - Waldorff 1920
A deck from Denmark with a hundred years of history. The world is interesting in that it is diverse and many-sided, and at the same time, the interweaving of cultures occurs constantly and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you are seeing this for the first time or have already observed something similar. Deja vu effect.

Laser Clay (Japan)

Laser Clay
An unusual deck from Japan, an animal is depicted behind the card character. First published by Nintendo in 1970

Tier-Skat (Czechia)

Interesting graphic deck with animals. First published "Ceska Grafika "Unie" in Prague, in 1918. Artist Alois Mudrunka

Added by: 15-01-2023

Legendary Harley-Davidson (France )

Legendary Harley-Davidson
Some promotional decks are very pleasing to card collectors. This deck of playing cards Harley-Davidson is just one of those. The artist drew cards in the style of the most famous French cards, so it turned out to be a kind of parody of the classics. modern reissue

Swedish playing cards Nilse Hansson ( Sweden)

Swedish playing cards Nilse Hansson
Unusually shaped Swedish playing cards by the artist Nilse Hansson (1900-1996).

Added by: 14-01-2023

Dragon (Norway)

This wonderful deck was first published by Litografia Aktiebolag de Kristiania for the Norwegian cruise ship NAL in 1910.

Prince Olav's Cruises (Norway)

Prince Olav's Cruises
A beautiful Norwegian deck from 100 years ago, issued for the Prince Olav's cruise ship, so that passengers while away the trip playing cards.

Added by: 11-01-2023

baby cards Mikado (Austria)

baby cards Mikado
Small decks are quite common. Perhaps every major publisher who has been publishing decks for a long time has released at least one small deck, but for the publisher to order cards for the artist where the card characters were the children themselves, but at the same time all the card attributes were present - this happens extremely rarely. I know only ...

Added by: 09-01-2023

Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano) (Italy)

Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano)
Old decks cause me some trepidation, caused, of course, primarily by a respectable age, but no less important, of course, are the drawings themselves. Each card is a small work of art. Graphics of the smallest details of costumes, and even the mood of card heroes. Publisher Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano)

Jacare (USA)

The deck was released in 1977 to advertise Jacare wine. I do not like greedy or stupid advertisers who release decks in which the patterns are repeated in all suits.