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Added by: 06-02-2023

OCS Alice in Wonderland (Russia)

OCS Alice in Wonderland
This deck was released by OCS. Each card has quotes from Alice in Wonderland. This deck was drawn by Dmitry Nepomniachtchi and Olga Popugaeva. It should be noted that these same artists became the authors of the Hermita decks for the Hermitage.

Sweet heart 303 54 models (Hong Kong)

Sweet heart 303 54 models
Another deck from Hong Kong with charming naked beauties in a very modest style of the early 1970s.

Added by: 05-02-2023

Swedish playing cards (Russia)

Swedish playing cards
Russian edition of the Swedish deck.

Added by: 04-02-2023

Turkey (Turkey)

One of the compact, but voluminous souvenirs in terms of informativeness are specific playing cards. In Turkey, as in any country that pays a lot of attention to the tourism sector, species decks are produced in abundance. It’s a pity they didn’t adopt the experience of Greece, where, along with species, a lot of decks with historical and mythological ...

Flower divination fortune-telling (Ukraine)

Flower divination fortune-telling
This original divination deck was released in Ukraine. The characters in the deck are taken from Austrian playing cards.

Betty Boop (USA)

Betty Boop
Hand-drawn cartoon character created by Max Fleischer. Between 1932 and 1939, Paramount Pictures produced a total of 99 Betty shorts in black and white. Betty Boop, at least in the early years, was notable for the character's overt sexuality, which attracted viewers, but eventually led to the closure of the project.

Added by: 30-01-2023

El Erotisimo en la Literatura Clasica Espanola (Spain)

El Erotisimo en la Literatura Clasica Espanola
On all cards there are erotic scenes from Spanish books from the artist Rafael Munoa.

Archie Dickens (Russia)

Archie Dickens
All cards feature erotic drawings of pretty girls by artist Archie Dickens.

Marker (Russia)

Unusual drawings of erotic subjects.

Victor Rinaldi - 2 (Russia)

Victor Rinaldi  - 2
All cards have erotic drawings by the artist Victor Rinaldi, but unlike the first deck (g01735), all drawings are black and white.

Victor Rinaldi (Russia)

Victor Rinaldi
All cards have erotic drawings by the artist Victor Rinaldi.

Super boobs - 1 (Russia)

Super boobs - 1
The deck contains computer drawings of girls with big boobs. As Ostap Bender said in one of the films: "A sultry woman is a poet's dream."

Two different decks in one (Germany)

Two different decks in one
On the halves of the cards there are different drawings, on one half there is a German deck with German indices, on the second there is a similarity of the Anglo-American deck. On both halves are original drawings that I have not seen anywhere else. It turns out, as it were, immediately 2 decks in one.

Rococo Piatnik (Austria)

Rococo Piatnik
The Rococo style on playing cards is a favorite theme for many publishers in the 20th century. The Austrian Piatnik is no exception.

Turkish (Turkey)

This deck was produced for Turkey in the early 20th century. Some of the cards are repeated with the g04407 deck. It is surprising that now there are no modern Turkish classical maps with a national flavor. But there are a lot of species decks with photographs of different Turkish cities. Apparently, the Islamic religion, dominant in the 20th century, does ...

Added by: 29-01-2023

Austrian (Austria)

This deck from Piatnik is identified as a release for Turkey, but the Turkish release differs from this edition in that the kings and three jacks have a turban on their heads, and the jack of spades is also shaved and instead of a dagger he has a crooked Turkish saber in his hand. It seems to me that this deck is the original version for European ...

Added by: 26-01-2023

North-West GSM (Russia)

North-West GSM
Collecting playing cards is an exciting activity in itself, but it also gives you the opportunity to be a discoverer of the unknown. One such possibility is promotional decks. This North-West (North-West) GSM deck is one of the little-known decks. The circulation of advertising decks can be very small, and it is likely that the fact that this deck came to ...

Odissea (USA)

Odysseus is one of the heroes of Greek mythology. The culture of ancient Greece attracts many artists, and therefore many decks on the theme of ancient Greek mythology are produced not only in the country of Greece itself.

retro erotica (Russia)

retro erotica
Erotic photographs have almost always been forbidden in the world, and even more so in Russia. The taboo topic has given rise to a mystery for historians about their origin and the date of commencement of production in the USSR. This deck is one of the earliest and the quality of the photographs is original. Many photos appear in other decks, sometimes in ...

Golf (USA)

The game of golf is often shown in the movies as entertainment for rich people, which, as rarely happens, is not a fiction of filmmakers, but the truth. This is the only golf deck I know of.

No.450 Regional (Poland)

No.450  Regional
Polish playing cards with characters in national costumes, the deck was published many times. This issue with advertising beer brand Okocim

Added by: 20-01-2023

poker 220 volt (Russia)

poker 220 volt
Advertising deck for a chain of stores of power tools 220 volts. The deck design is original, even the indexes on the cards. For example, the jack is indicated by the letter - V. It can, by analogy with which letter in English Volt.

beer Prazecka (Russia)

beer Prazecka
Russian edition of an advertising deck of Czech beer Prazecka. The deck is unusual, the beer is produced with a label depicting a charming blonde. The label character, in pin-up style, appears in this deck on ladies. Kings and Queens are retained from the classic Anglo-American deck. Which, from my point of view, gives the deck a big minus. Could take care ...

Added by: 18-01-2023

Whist No.320 (Denmark)

Whist No.320
The drawings in this deck turned out to be somehow fabulous, evoke something between a fairy tale about Cinderella and a story about Don Quixote. publisher F.D.B. Spillekort - Bogelund reprint

Kruckow - Waldorff 1920 (Denmark)

Kruckow - Waldorff 1920
A deck from Denmark with a hundred years of history. The world is interesting in that it is diverse and many-sided, and at the same time, the interweaving of cultures occurs constantly and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you are seeing this for the first time or have already observed something similar. Deja vu effect.

Laser Clay (Japan)

Laser Clay
An unusual deck from Japan, an animal is depicted behind the card character. First published by Nintendo in 1970

Tier-Skat (Czechia)

Interesting graphic deck with animals. First published "Ceska Grafika "Unie" in Prague, in 1918. Artist Alois Mudrunka

Added by: 15-01-2023

Legendary Harley-Davidson (France )

Legendary Harley-Davidson
Some promotional decks are very pleasing to card collectors. This deck of playing cards Harley-Davidson is just one of those. The artist drew cards in the style of the most famous French cards, so it turned out to be a kind of parody of the classics. modern reissue

Swedish playing cards Nilse Hansson ( Sweden)

Swedish playing cards Nilse Hansson
Unusually shaped Swedish playing cards by the artist Nilse Hansson (1900-1996).

Added by: 14-01-2023

Dragon (Norway)

This wonderful deck was first published by Litografia Aktiebolag de Kristiania for the Norwegian cruise ship NAL in 1910.

Prince Olav's Cruises (Norway)

Prince Olav's Cruises
A beautiful Norwegian deck from 100 years ago, issued for the Prince Olav's cruise ship, so that passengers while away the trip playing cards.

Added by: 11-01-2023

baby cards Mikado (Austria)

baby cards Mikado
Small decks are quite common. Perhaps every major publisher who has been publishing decks for a long time has released at least one small deck, but for the publisher to order cards for the artist where the card characters were the children themselves, but at the same time all the card attributes were present - this happens extremely rarely. I know only ...

Added by: 09-01-2023

Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano) (Italy)

Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano)
Old decks cause me some trepidation, caused, of course, primarily by a respectable age, but no less important, of course, are the drawings themselves. Each card is a small work of art. Graphics of the smallest details of costumes, and even the mood of card heroes. Publisher Ferdinando Gumppenberg (Milano)

Jacare (USA)

The deck was released in 1977 to advertise Jacare wine. I do not like greedy or stupid advertisers who release decks in which the patterns are repeated in all suits.