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Added by: 04-10-2022

German miners playing cards 19th century Erzgebirgischen Bergmannskarte (Germany)

German miners playing cards 19th century Erzgebirgischen Bergmannskarte
German playing cards with traditional suits of acorns, bells, leaves and hearts. 19th century. It is interesting that the German suits - the shape and names are the progenitors of the French simplified system of suits, the bell - bubi, spades - a leaf in shape, the club resembles an acorn in shape, but the heart is left almost unchanged.

9-11-89 passe the fall of the Berlin Wall (Germany)

9-11-89 passe the fall of the Berlin Wall
German deck with politicians, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - which separated West Berlin and Berlin of the GDR. The wall fell on November 9, 1989.

medical ZFA (Germany)

medical ZFA
Medicine occupies a huge place in human life, many people continue to live thanks to the achievements of medicine, and of course, a lot of decks of playing cards are devoted to this topic. This German deck is promotional.

Vins de France (France )

Vins de France
France is famous for its wines: Burgundy, champagne and ... In the USSR, champagne generally became a household word, and it has been preserved. Designed by Gilles Sacksick

Added by: 02-10-2022

girl coca-cola (Russia)

girl coca-cola
This is a rare deck these days. Coca-Cola left the Russian market.

Cats (China)

All people can be divided into those who love cats more and those who prefer dog society. Some people love both. Until the children begged to leave the stray kitten, I was indifferent to cats, but it turned out that the temperament of the cat that lives with us perfectly matches mine.

Added by: 01-10-2022

Karla Padega (Latvia )

Karla Padega
Original playing cards from Latvia. Artist Karla Padega

Added by: 30-09-2022

Wella (Netherlands)

Dutch advertising deck of the German company Wella, which is one of the world's leading companies in the field of cosmetics and perfumery.

Colorado Beelle (USA)

Colorado Beelle
There are many hotels in the USA that have their own casino, which uses exclusive original playing cards, one of these decks is the Colorado Beelle from Nevada. for sale reprint

cartes sexy Beautiful Parisian Girls (France )

cartes sexy Beautiful Parisian Girls
A deck of cards with these photographs of girls was issued by the French publishing house "Ducale" in 2 versions, 32 cards and 56.

Added by: 29-09-2022

Sexy-girls 55 pin-ups Nr. 1004 (Germany)

Sexy-girls 55 pin-ups Nr. 1004
In Germany, several pin-up decks were released, some are more common, but there are rare ones, in particular, this deck was published at the F. X. Schmid factory in 1964.

Fussball football (Germany)

Fussball football
A deck with football players in 1977. Unfortunately, the names of the characters can now be determined only by a great specialist. But nevertheless, the deck is interesting, as the artist Wilhelm Hartung depicted his heroes in a card style.

Politiker skat (Germany)

Politiker skat
The German series of decks with caricatures of politicians, mainly - the heads of world powers were produced for several years - at least 5 variants were released. Some politicians wandered from deck to deck, while others appeared only once. For example, when in the 1980s the leaders of the USSR changed very often, each of them managed to release their own ...

Added by: 28-09-2022

Hauptstadte Whist № 229 (Germany)

Hauptstadte Whist № 229
A beautiful deck from a well-known German publisher. On the aces on each card are views of two cities: Paris, London, Vienna, Rotterdam, Berlin, Rome, St. Petersburg and Zermat (a resort in Switzerland)

Honey № 405 (Hong Kong)

Honey № 405
A deck with naked girls. On the ace of hearts is the famous American photo model Bettie Page.

Added by: 27-09-2022

Haschen skat hare (Germany)

Haschen skat hare
Germany is perhaps the most important manufacturer of playing cards in Europe. More than from this country - another, according to the variety of published decks, I don’t know. Different animals are used as card characters by many publishers, here on all cards there are hares.

Berlin pattern № 206 (Austria)

Berlin pattern № 206
At the Piatnik factory, such a deck first began to be published in the 1930s, and the publication was completed in the mid-1950s.

Baronesse № 163 (Germany)

Baronesse № 163
One of the popular decks from the German factory B. Dondorf. The factory produced some of the best playing cards in the world, ceased to exist due to the rise to power of Hitler.

For Corners of the World (Germany)

For Corners of the World
One of the most famous decks of the German factory B. Dondorf. Card characters from different parts of the world.

One-headed Bohemian pattern (Czechia)

One-headed Bohemian pattern
The deck began to be produced in those days when there was still a country called Czechoslovakia. The deck is classic for the Czech Republic and has been repeatedly reprinted.

Coca-Cola (Germany)

Advertising deck of Coca-Cola.

Saechsisches Doppelbild № 30 (Germany)

Saechsisches Doppelbild № 30
In Germany, classic cards with German suits have a generally accepted design in different provinces - this type refers to the Saxon style.

Salzburger № 32 (Austria)

Salzburger № 32
Decks with German suits for the most part have drawings on the scorecards, an additional bonus for the collector.

Added by: 26-09-2022

Spartans (Ukraine)

Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Pashchuk mainly works in the realistic pin-up genre. He loves to portray girls in the military genre. Actually time itself dictates the theme.

Playing cards Russia 1825 (Russia)

Playing cards Russia 1825
Russian decks of the early 19th century are very rare, if they appear on sale - they have a very high price.

Skat Politisch (Germany)

Skat Politisch
Decks with politicians, as I already wrote, are released regularly in free countries, since in most countries, the public life of a politician is limited by law, so the characters of such cards very quickly become history. But this deck is interesting out of time, the artist Wilhelm Hartung portrayed politicians in a very interesting way and in a card ...

Royal cats (Russia)

Royal cats
Cats have been next to humans for many millennia, and of course cats are humanized and made into card characters.

Added by: 25-09-2022

Otto (Germany)

До эпохи интернета очень популярны были каталоги с разными товарами, одним из таких был каталог Otto. Выбираешь товар - заказываешь и он приходит по почте. Рекламная колода каталога.

Staroscianka No.470 (Poland)

Staroscianka No.470
One of the classic Polish decks.

Added by: 23-09-2022

Michaela (Russia)

One of the unusual Russian decks where card characters were created by a photo artist. Photographer Alla Avsharova

Soviet fashion - Soviet style pin-up № 4 (Russia)

Soviet fashion - Soviet style pin-up № 4
Soviet fashion for both women and men was a-sexy. Designers developed models of clothes where everything is as closed as possible and moreover, clothes are often wider in order to change the figure and hide female forms.

New-old Russia (Russia)

New-old Russia
This deck is one of the rarest Russian decks, published in a small edition, the artist drew the deck in a completely different style than his other decks. Of course, I can be wrong, but the drawings turned out to be futuristic and at the same time terrifyingly prophetic - apparently the author feels the deep Russian mentality so keenly. It seems to me that ...

Art tournament (Russia)

Art tournament
In the world, prefabricated decks are quite often produced, where each card is drawn by a different artist. Unfortunately, very often, the authors do not indicate the topic and it turns out such a vinaigrette. However, this is the feature of such decks.

Added by: 19-09-2022

Romikartya 3 (Hungary)

Romikartya 3
Drawings of girls in pin-up style cannot leave a lover of female beauty indifferent. I refer myself to such lovers of art and female charm. Several decks in this style have been published in Hungary, ranging from puppet to quite frankly playful. This is the third Hungarian deck, 5 of them were published in total. The rest are still waiting in the wings.

Goosy (Poland)

Disney has released many decks with their cartoon characters in various countries, and it is encouraging that most of these decks have special card designs.

Dertor Sp. Z O.O (Poland)

Dertor Sp. Z O.O
A deck of playing cards from Poland, in terms of costumes, should be attributed to the Anglo-American standard, but the faces of the characters are very different from the standard ones. I would say they are more emotional and lively. And this deck is original, I have not seen such drawings in any other deck.

Queens of art (Great Britain)

Queens of art
A deck of cards with naked girls is not uncommon, and the name of the photographer who took these photos is often unknown. This is the difference between these playing cards, the author of the deck is Harrison Marks.

Modern (Russia)

The Modern deck was designed by Veronika Nikolaeva. It turned out one of the most original and amazing Russian decks. Later, the artist once again turned to card graphics in her work, she created the Trans-Siberian Express deck.

Paradise of heavenly nudes 54 models (Hong Kong)

Paradise of heavenly nudes 54 models
I have already written that the factories of Hong Kong were the main suppliers of playing cards with nude beauties in the 1970s and 80s, one of such decks.

Vargas girls (USA)

Vargas girls
Alberto Vargas is an American artist of Peruvian origin, one of the most famous and prolific artists in the pin-up genre, over the years of his creative activity, he has created a huge number of female images.

Das politiker skat (Germany)

Das politiker skat
Skat is the most popular game in Germany, which requires 32 cards, so there are a lot of German decks of cards of this number. There are many and often satirical decks of a caricature type with politicians in free countries, similar decks were also produced in Russia in the 90s. The most recent was issued when Dmitry Medvedev was the nominal president in ...

Cats (Russia)

Before the closure of the Color Printing Plant, several decks were produced at the factory without marking that they were printed there. This was the last attempt to match the spirit of the times, in those years, the playing card market, in addition to Chinese decks, was actively occupied by the Saratov factory, which produced a huge number of types of ...

Turun Linna (Finland)

Turun Linna
This deck was first published in 1939. Since then, it has been reprinted many times. On the cards, instead of indexes of jacks, queens, kings - numerical values ​​11,12,13 - it is this deck that clearly illustrates that the calendar is reflected in the deck - if you count all the numbers of the same suit (suit is the season) and multiply by 4 you get ...

Soviet word recognition transportation corps related words (USA)

Soviet word recognition transportation corps related words
During the USSR, training decks of cards for the military were produced in the USA - in this deck for radio interceptors - Russian words translated into English with transcription. Rare deck - hurry up to complete your collection.

Added by: 15-09-2022

The nude (Austria)

The nude
The naked human body has always been of interest to artists, there is nothing more beautiful than a proportional human figure. The human body, in public, is always hidden from view under clothes, and when the call of the sexes wakes up in a person, one wants to see the secret ... The deck contains paintings by famous artists from different countries and ...

Added by: 10-09-2022

Seasons (Germany)

A classic deck with German suits, aces on different seasons.

Wust tarok (Germany)

Wust tarok
German tarok deck produced by C.L. Wust in 1900. The reprint can be purchased in 2 versions of 57 cards minus the 21 Major Arcana cards or a full deck of 78 cards for $41.

Added by: 09-09-2022

United cards of America (Russia)

United cards of America
A very rare deck of cards issued in Russia, but dedicated to the rulers of the United States during the period of President George W. Bush. Released in 2003 by Kommersant newspaper and Namedni TV project. At the same time, a deck dedicated to the Russian political elite was released, but the American version was printed in a very small edition and is not ...

Troll ( Sweden)

A deck from Sweden, where on all the cards there are drawings of trolls by the Swedish artist Rolf Lidberg

Königshof (Russia)

Souvenir playing cards with German suits are rarely issued in Russia. Many years have passed since I released a deck with German suits, drawn by my order by the artist Ekaterina Stupakova, and now the artist Mironos Alexander has drawn and released a new original deck. The cards are rendered in a monochrome style. There are no ladies in classic German ...

Added by: 02-09-2022

Anna № 1 (Russia)

Anna № 1
On all cards of the deck are photographs of the charming girl Anna, a bright Siberian fashion model of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The fashion model collaborated with many photographers from Novosibirsk, then in St. Petersburg and then went to Europe. On the Internet and in the collections of nude photo art lovers, you can find many photographs ...

Girls of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Girls of St. Petersburg
The deck contains photo-works of the St. Petersburg photo-artist Sergey Boltramovich. He created his masterpieces of the poetry of the female body at the turn of two centuries, in all the photos of St. Petersburg girls. The deck was released in 2003.

Tarok Austria-Hungary (Hungary)

Tarok Austria-Hungary
The deck was released in 1900 in Budapest at the famous Piatnik factory. During these years, there was an even larger empire called Austria-Hungary. There are 78 cards in a deck. 56 common cards, 21 major arcana and 1 joker.

Added by: 12-07-2022

Vasa 1628 sailboat Berlin style (Germany)

Vasa 1628 sailboat Berlin style
Solitaire sized deck.

German and French suits in 1 deck (Germany)

German and French suits in 1 deck
German and French suits in 1 deck, it is convenient to compare how the suits relate to each other.

beer Tatra (Poland)

beer Tatra
Promotional deck of Polish beer Tatra. The characters on the cards are the original Berlin style drawing.

Piwo ze smakiem (Poland)

Piwo ze smakiem
Unusual advertising cards with Polish beer.

Dondorf Centennial Cards (Germany)

Dondorf Centennial Cards
The deck was released for the 100th anniversary of one of the most famous card factories in Germany. For 100 years, the factory produced some of the best decks of playing cards, unfortunately the anniversary issue was the final one in the history of the factory. In 1933, Hitler came to power in Germany and a completely different life began ...

Standard joker with french pattern deck (Germany)

Standard  joker with french pattern deck
This deck by the German artist Walter Kraus (I learned about this much later) was one of three decks that were in our family in my childhood. The deck was released several times with different shirts, as a child I had a double deck with charming smiling girls in swimsuits. I'm still wondering - is it the same girl or different?

Added by: 08-07-2022

Jaguar (Netherlands)

Why there is a jaguar on the box is not very clear. Probably for some company published. This deck is a classic and often, with these drawings in various modifications, is published in European countries. Different types of cities are placed on aces, depending on the country of issue.

No. 2041 Mini Patience (Austria)

No. 2041  Mini Patience
I like small decks, I don’t know why, maybe because in general, collecting is all from childhood, when we ourselves were small. Well, they take up little space. Plus, the deck also has very beautiful drawings.

Antique lovers (Greece)

Antique lovers
Greece earns most of its money from tourism. The culture of ancient Greece attracts tourists from all over the world and, of course, playing cards, as a souvenir, are published in the country regularly and in great variety, and of course, erotic stories of the life of an ancient civilization from ancient amphoras and frescoes migrated to playing cards. ...

Goldengirl (China)

Another deck of the early 2000s with girls in swimsuits and underwear, and even in one photo, the publishers dared to put a girl with a naked ass.

Added by: 27-05-2022

Pari strip (France )

Pari strip
An unusual French deck without the usual suits. But also four suit letters and numbers. The deck contains photos of a striptease of several girls

Nr. 802 german spicy humor Husten sie mal! Pikante sonnen tips (Germany)

Nr. 802 german spicy humor Husten sie mal! Pikante sonnen tips
In the late 1960s, a series of decks of playing cards were released in Germany with spicy humorous drawings with text underneath. Despite the abundance of naked beauties, oh-oh-very light erotica.

Added by: 13-05-2022

St. Petersburg (Russia)

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg - this deck is one of the first species decks in Russia. Released in 2003 in parallel with the Novosibirsk deck. And the very first classic card deck with views of the northern capital.

transformation Eroticartes (France )

transformation Eroticartes
Very interesting graphic deck of erotic themes. If the theme of the erotic side of life does not repel you, then the deck will not leave you indifferent. The card characters are based on classic French card characters. To some extent, point cards can be attributed to transformational ones, since the icons of card suits act as an element of the image.

Added by: 11-05-2022

Dealer s choice (USA)

Dealer s choice
A deck from the USA with non-standard patterns and multi-colored suits. To be honest, I did not understand what the subject of the drawings was.

Dames de France (France )

Dames de France
Reissue of an old French deck of 1816

chess (Germany)

The only deck I know where chess pieces act as card characters.

Added by: 10-05-2022

Oval playing cards Gate of the world (Russia)

Oval playing cards Gate of the world
The most original deck, and the only one in the world with similar pictures. Maybe something similar has been published in recent years. I did not see. On all the photo cards, the most attractive part of the female body for men is usually covered with panties. And they say that everyone is the same. Miscellaneous: Beautiful, alluring, charming and ... then ...

Added by: 05-05-2022

New style Modern (Russia)

New style Modern
First published in 1910. Pre-revolutionary editions of such a deck are very rare. The second time the publication of such decks began in 1930. Decks were produced with English indices for export and Russian ones. The issue was resumed for the third time in 1964 under the name Preference with an unusual number of 32 cards. In 1982, the last modification was ...

Added by: 04-05-2022

Grand Duchy of Lithuania № 2 (Belarus)

Grand Duchy of Lithuania № 2
This is the second deck with historical figures from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Added by: 28-04-2022

Tahiti (Tahiti)

Tahiti is one of the islands where most of the tourists who love a beach holiday dream of getting. A deck with Polynesian aboriginal characters. artist P.D.Gotz publisher Pacific Promotion Tahiti

Comcor (Russia)

An interesting and unusual advertising deck, an example of when a customer company takes a creative approach to promotional products. Circulation 1700 copies. for company employees Deck design by Anastasia Pavlovskaya

traffic police (Russia)

traffic police
An interesting time used to be in Russia. In 2001, by order of the Nevsky Department of Internal Affairs of the city of St. Petersburg, this deck was released. It turns out before the police was an organization that was financially independent and independent of the state.

Russian (Russia)

This original deck with Russian indices appeared on the market in Russia in the early 90s. presumably printed in Poland, but may also be in Russia. The deck is made up of three different decks. Jokers are taken from the GDR Walter Kraus deck, aces from the Russian style, and the characters of the cards themselves are from a deck that is unknown to me.

Austrian Folklore № 2169 (Austria)

Austrian Folklore № 2169
The deck was first published in 1934. On the cards, the characters are in traditional national costumes and clothes of different Austrian regions.

Added by: 24-04-2022

Beautiful Greece (Greece)

Beautiful Greece
Beautiful Greece Species deck from Greece.

Added by: 21-04-2022

Mongol (Mongolia)

It is written on the Internet that the cards were first published in 1940 at the Austrian factory Piatnik.

Top 1 toys (Poland)

Top 1 toys
As I understand it, this is an advertising deck for a company selling toys. When I started to get interested in playing cards, I was initially fascinated by collecting jokers. I actively exchanged jokers with collectors, at the same time I received this deck and separately jokers, probably the deck was produced with different jokers. When I realized that it ...

Hunter's Bridge (Germany)

Hunter's Bridge
A lot of decks have been created on the topic of hunting, here in the deck there are various forest animals, hunting dogs on the jokers.

54 different pin up motivs 999 (Hungary)

54 different pin up motivs 999
Hungary has donated some wonderful decks of pin-up girls to playing card collectors. This deck is the most outspoken. The topic of boobs is open to the full. That's just different, not 54, but only 53 girls. On the jokers, the pattern is repeated.

Spice girls (Russia)

Spice girls
One of the decks with girls in lingerie and even some photos without panties, printed in China for the Russian market. The deck was released in 2 variations of 36 cards with Russian indices and 54 with English ones.

Dark and Light (Russia)

Dark and Light
An original deck with different masked personalities. Artist Elena Chausova

Banker's playing cards (Russia)

Banker's playing cards
Collecting paper money is one of the most popular destinations among collectors in the world. This deck shows banknotes of 54 countries. By the way, this is the only edition among such decks in Russia.

four clans (Russia)

four clans
The deck of the artist hidden under the abbreviation ALV working in the fantasy style.

Added by: 15-04-2022

Space (Russia)

A unique deck of playing cards for those who are interested in space: different planets, galaxies, constellations.

Added by: 11-04-2022

Legend (Russia)

designed by Natalia Domenetskya

Gray deck Kudryavtsev (Russia)

Gray deck Kudryavtsev
Anatoly Kudryavtsev is a mystic artist. He created his decks under the influence of his acquaintance with the playing card collector Alexander Perelman. Thanks to Perelman, a lot of artists turned to the theme of playing cards.

Soberi Wizard deck (Russia)

Soberi Wizard deck
In 2010, the Royal Games magazine project + Soberi website was launched in Russia, in which several cards from 2 decks were attached as inserts. Unfortunately, the project ended very quickly, but 2 unique decks remained. This wizard's deck consists of marked playing cards, on the back of which there are special marks by which you can determine what ...

Added by: 10-04-2022

Mountain and River (China)

Mountain and River
On each card is a landscape of artists depicting mountains and rivers.

our deck Mirror of the week (Ukraine)

our deck Mirror of the week
The deck was released in autumn 1999 for the 5th anniversary of the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper. Artist Oleg Smile

Premium (Germany)

This deck is one of the variants of the so-called Berlin style, in the original interpretation. Drawings designed by N. Nobilescu

Lottery Bridge (Russia)

Lottery Bridge
In the early 2000s, instant lottery tickets were issued in Russia, where it was necessary to erase the protective layer and see if there was a win. The price of 1 ticket is 5 rubles, and there are only 2 winning tickets - this is the king of diamonds and the jack of spades.

playing cards for children coca-cola (Russia)

playing cards for children coca-cola
Very small playing cards advertising Coke.

Story (Netherlands)

In the deck, the characters of the cards are real people, most likely this is either a private publication or an advertising deck.

Added by: 09-04-2022

power (Ukraine)

After the 2014 revolution, many political decks were released in Ukraine at once. They were very different in design. This is one of the most interesting of that period. I like decks where the designs are drawn specifically for the deck of cards. Of all the politicians, I know only a few: the ace of spades is Mikheil Saakashvili, the king of diamonds is ...

Added by: 07-04-2022

Playing cards № 9395 (Hong Kong)

Playing cards №  9395
In Hong Kong, many decks with naked girls were produced. The decks were printed in both standard sizes, as well as tiny and giant ones. This deck was a miniature deck measuring 28 by 45mm.

Loriot (Germany)

Germanic deck with characters in cartoon style. designed by Loriot

No.2136 Jugendstil Art Nouveau (Austria)

No.2136 Jugendstil Art Nouveau
Reprint of the 1906 deck printed at the Austrian factory Piatnik designed by Ditha Moser

Added by: 06-04-2022

Weisbuch (France )

A kind of deck of playing cards with drawings in the style of sketches, the artist probably deliberately chose this manner of depiction, drawing some details more carefully, some in the form of hatching sketches.

Die kleinen gruenen Maennchen - The little green men (Germany)

Die kleinen gruenen Maennchen - The little green men
This balder deck of playing cards was produced in Germany at 2 factories ASS and Bielefelder Spielkarten-Fabrik. In variations of 33 and 55 cards. Green men are very similar to goblins; in fact, the deck plays out the eternal theme of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, but with humor.

Alt Berlin 2 (Germany)

Alt Berlin 2
The deck called Alt Berlin was produced in 2 versions, 55 cards and 33 cards. What is interesting on playing cards, the drawings and characters are different. There are engravings with ancient architectural structures of Berlin on the spectacle cards.

Added by: 01-04-2022

Politcards 96 (USA)

Politcards 96
In the United States, for many years, decks of playing cards with caricatures of politicians have been issued for the presidential election. This is the period 42 deck of US President Bill Clinton. Who was president for 2 terms from 1993 to 2001. The public life of a politician is often very short and it is very good that the publishers issue special ...

Playing cards Kröver Nacktarsch № 2 naked Ass (Russia)

Playing cards Kröver Nacktarsch № 2 naked Ass
Kröver Nacktarsch playing cards. Kröver Nacktarsch wine has been produced in Germany for many years. The plot of the label - the children climbed into the cellar with wine and got drunk, the adults caught them doing this and slapped them on the ass. Over the years, wine labels have been designed by numerous artists. It is interesting that in different ...

Added by: 30-03-2022

Madagascar (Madagascar)

A deck of playing cards with characters from Madagascar by artist Georges Razana Maniraka. First printed in France by Heron S.A.

Added by: 29-03-2022

No.2174 Glorious America - American History (Austria)

No.2174 Glorious America - American History
The Austrian card factory Piatnik has produced many decks with historical figures from different countries. Such a deck has also been released with presidents and other famous people from US history. reprint on order

Nude girls samizdat USSR (Russia)

Nude girls samizdat USSR
In the USSR, nude photography was banned. But interest in the most beautiful has always been and will be, therefore, in the USSR, since the beginning of the 1960s, samizdat decks of playing cards printed in a photo-method have been regularly produced. This is one of those decks.

Playing cards Girls № 1454 (Austria)

Playing cards Girls №  1454
The deck was originally printed at the Austrian factory Piatnik. But probably in a very small circulation, as it is very rare. Later it was reprinted in Poland, and it is this edition that is shown.

Added by: 28-03-2022

Jeu Imperial Second Empire (France )

Jeu Imperial Second Empire
A deck of playing cards with characters from the era of Napoleon III. First published in 1858.

Paris (France )

playing cards with photographs of views of Paris.

assorted (Russia)

A deck in which each card was drawn by a different artist-designer.

Added by: 25-03-2022

Pirat (Russia)

Sea pirates are one of the favorite themes of playing card publishers around the world. Pirates are bandits, but covered with a romantic halo.

Knights (Russia)

Rare Russian deck with pirates. Circulation is only 500 copies. Publishing house "Edelweiss"

Pirates (Russia)

Rare Russian deck with pirates. Circulation is only 500 copies. Publishing house "Edelweiss"

Added by: 24-03-2022

Playing cards No.6359 (Hong Kong)

Playing cards No.6359
A deck with naked girls.

Marilyn Monroe (USA)

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous women of the 20th century

Added by: 21-03-2022

Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuania)

Grand Duchy of Lithuania
This deck is extraordinary. It was originally painted by the Lithuanian artist Barbora Dudziokiene in 1930. In this deck, her drawings are of a queen and two jacks. As well as drawings on jokers. This is also originally 2 jacks, but they clearly belong to a different deck. Unfortunately, it is not known whether all the characters for the deck were drawn or ...

Added by: 20-03-2022

Trevigiane (Italy)

Italian playing cards have suits similar to Spanish ones. The suits are called: cuppas (cups), oros (denarii), bastos (clubs) e ispadas (swords). But the cards themselves are Non-standard size, they are elongated.

No.420 Odsiecz Wiedenska 1683 (Poland)

No.420 Odsiecz Wiedenska 1683
Polish playing cards with historical figures of Poland.

Added by: 19-03-2022

Cigarettes Chesterfield (Russia)

Cigarettes Chesterfield
A very rare promotional deck of Chesterfield cigarettes. Released specifically for the Russian consumer, probably as part of an advertising campaign.

Skat (Germany)

This is the second version of the deck with German suits from the artist Walter Kraus.

Added by: 18-03-2022

Spring of young girls (China)

Spring of young girls
Another deck with girls in swimsuits and lingerie.

Added by: 17-03-2022

Norse gods beer Faxe (Denmark)

Norse gods beer Faxe
Promotional deck of Danish beer Faxe with Norse gods. Who does not know, but for several years in a row in different countries, including Russia, limited beer cans were produced with drawings on the theme of Norwegian mythology. This deck was also released along with such cans, everything was framed in a large box, which contained three beautiful cans of ...

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Silkscreen (Ukraine)

The original graphic deck of the 1990s, presumably printed in Ukraine (bought there). The only deck I know of that was screen printed.

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No.2150 Kaffeehaus - Super (Austria)

No.2150  Kaffeehaus - Super
A modern reissue of an old deck.

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Playboy (China)

A deck with Russian indices and 36 cards was released specifically for the Russian market. Some of the photos show famous women Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford.

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Taro Okamoto (Japan)

Taro Okamoto
Taro Okamoto is the Japanese represen- tant of surrealism in Dali’s manner. Design: Taro Okamoto (1911-1996).

Cancan (France )

Design: Monique Arietti (Gabriel Garachon). This deck is from renowned French publisher Philibert. The publishing house existed for a very short time, and all decks are now very rare and when they appear on sale they have a high price. The deck is unusual in it there are two sets of aces.

Cancan 2 (France )

Cancan 2
Cancan. Design: Monique Arietti (Gabriel Garachon). This deck is a discovery in the world of playing cards. There is no such deck anywhere on the Internet, it did not get into the Eroticism multi-volume edition, where playing cards from all over the world are described and presented. This deck became known thanks to the publisher of the catalog and the ...

Atlas (Russia)

Original playing cards from Irina Bordey, based on the famous Satin deck. It has been published in Saratov since 2009, both with the indication of the publisher and without imprint.

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Moscow (Russia)

Moscow Playing cards with photographs of Moscow. The deck was released specifically for Russia. This is the very first species deck in the history of Russia.

S.X. No: 938 (Russia)

S.X. No: 938
Playing cards with girls in swimsuits and lingerie. The deck was released specifically for Russia.

Violet (Russia)

This is the first deck with pin-up drawings published in Russia.

Miss hongdong (China)

Miss hongdong
On all playing cards in a pretty frame, Chinese girls in swimsuits and underwear.

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Asia sheila (China)

Asia sheila
Asia sheila Playing cards with Asian girls in swimsuits.

Motowoman (China)

On all playing cards girls and motorcycles.

Schwarzer Krauser № 1 (Germany)

Schwarzer Krauser № 1
A deck with naked girls.

Sweetheart II (Germany)

Sweetheart II
In the GDR, at the end of its existence, this deck with naked girls was released. It is interesting that even the name of the photographer K. Fischer is written on the extra card, this is a rarity. The deck was released in a box containing 2 decks, each with different extra cards and some jokers.

Bridge oder Romme (Hungary)

Bridge oder Romme
A deck with such drawings is printed in different countries, including Hungary.

AAA No. 9968 (China)

AAA No. 9968
Girls in underwear. A censored deck from the publisher, panties and bras are added to some of the photos. The cards were issued specifically for the Russian market, the inscriptions in Russian on the box.

Polonia № 2176 Poland (Austria)

Polonia № 2176 Poland
A deck from a series of national decks produced by the Austrian factory Piatnik, with historical personalities of Poland.

Collection Charlie (Hong Kong)

Collection Charlie
54 wonderful girls in complete nude Deck Collection Charlie with nude girls.

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Aslan (Russia)

This is one of the first decks from the Russian publisher MAK. There are 34 drawings by the artist Aslan and 2 drawings by another author in the deck. In subsequent editions of the deck, these 2 drawings were removed.

Barely legal (USA)

Barely legal
Girls in underwear.

Professions Sahar (Ukraine)

Professions Sahar
The deck was drawn by artist Alexey Tsuper especially for the Kiev Creative Bureau "Sahar". The cards depict caricatures of representatives of various professions.

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Coca-cola china national (China)

Coca-cola china national
Interesting promotional playing cards advertising Coca-Cola drink. It is interesting that the characters of playing cards are Chinese. As I have said many times before, I love these decks. And despite the fact that a very large number of decks are now being printed in China, such cards are very rare.

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Chinese Opera No. 8512 (China)

Chinese Opera No. 8512
Interesting playing cards with characters in Chinese opera masks.

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Asc 151 Hungary (Hungary)

Asc 151 Hungary
There is an inscription in Russian on the box Made in Hungary, which means the cards were made with Soviet sales in mind.

Neva (Russia)

Playing cards by the artist Viktor Sveshnikov were issued for the 175th anniversary of the Color Printing Plant. For sale there is a reprint of such a deck, but with the reproduction of all the jokers that the artist drew for this deck. And which had never been published before.

New super cat (Russia)

New super cat
Deck with cats and kittens.

America golden girl (China)

America golden girl
Another deck with beautiful girls in lingerie and swimwear from China.

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Dolls Gallery (Russia)

Dolls Gallery
Gallery of dolls. A deck of playing cards with dolls by Varvara Skripkina

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Ukrainian state (Ukraine)

Ukrainian state
This deck, based on sketches by Georgy Narbut, drawn back in 1918, when Ukraine first formed an independent state, I wanted to release for a long time. But since her sketches had to be collected from various sources and they were all in a terrible state, a lot of work had to be done so that you could see her in great shape. This gigantic work was done by ...

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Prison playing cards (Russia)

Prison playing cards
In the USSR, and then in Russia, a lot of people go through prisons. We will not go into the reasons for this side of life, but it gave rise to such a phenomenon as prison playing cards. Classic prison playing cards, they are unlike any other. They have no analogues. This prison deck refers to souvenir products that are made either for sale or as a souvenir ...

Modern style (Russia)

Modern style
The deck was first published in Russia in 1910, but apparently not published very often. Pre-revolutionary issues are extremely rare. Such cards were packed in a paper parcel and therefore practically did not survive. The second edition of such cards began in the 30s, when the card monopoly began producing decks for export. Then the joker appeared in the ...

Belarusian historical playing cards (Belarus)

Belarusian historical playing cards
Belarusian historical playing cards by artist Yury Yermolenko cover 4 historical eras. On the territory of modern Belarus, there used to be various state formations. In the 10th century the Principality of Polotsk, in the 13th-18th centuries the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the 20th century of the USSR, for this period, a great historical event took place ...

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Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Belarus)

Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Until recently, I wrote that few interesting decks were released in Belarus, now there are more and more of them. This deck is with historical figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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In bed with Marilyn Monroe (Russia)

In bed with Marilyn Monroe
Actress Marilyn Monroe is probably the most famous woman of the 20th century. She lived a short life, only 36 years old. She died back in 1962, but playing cards with her photographs are still being produced, artists paint her portraits, and to this day she arouses interest and attention to her life.

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Deck of the Russian Federation (Russia)

Deck of the Russian Federation
Deck of the Russian Federation - four suits of Russian power. These playing cards were published by the Kommersant newspaper and the Namedni TV program. In 2003, there was still some kind of free-thinking in Russia. However, there is no sedition in the deck itself, everything is decorous and civilized.

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Mercedes (Germany)

Advertising deck of the famous German automobile company Mercedes.

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My girls (Russia)

My girls
The very first deck released by the Russian publishing house MAK. All photos are taken by a provincial photographer, on the cards of a girl or a model of the photographer himself. Rare edition. In 2007, another version of the deck was released with a replacement design and many photos.

Satin playing cards (Russia)

Satin playing cards
The deck with girls was released specifically for the Russian consumer, so there are 36 cards in the deck and Russian indices. It is interesting that most of the photos were censored. Initially, the naked parts of women were added either panties or bras, but despite this, bare breasts remained in two photos.

Asian girls (China)

Asian girls
A deck from China with photos of Asian girls in lingerie and swimwear.

World beauty BT 2005 (China)

World beauty BT 2005
Another deck from China with photos of girls in lingerie and swimsuits.

romantic love (China)

romantic love
Each card has a romantic photo of a young couple: hugs, kisses... and text in Chinese. What is written is unknown. The box is also with inscriptions in Chinese, and a photograph of the singer Madonna, probably also a famous young guy, and small caricatures about the relationship between men and women. Custom box design.

54 models (Poland)

54 models
Polish deck with naked girls from the 90s

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Millenium (Belgium)

Millennium - a gift deck with a silver edge. Released on the eve of the third millennium, exclusive issue.

Money up front - Pirate playing cards (Russia)

Money up front - Pirate playing cards
Pirate playing cards. Publisher Expedition Artist Olga Bool

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Music cards (Russia)

Music cards
Musical Cards is one of the last original decks released by the Color Printing Combine with no imprint. The characters of the cards are popular singers of the younger generation of the early 2000s.

Krolewskie royal (Poland)

Krolewskie royal
Royal playing cards from Poland. I have some kind of inexplicable love for decks, either small or reduced in size. This is one of those decks. It is no coincidence that I published the very first deck - the smallest cards in the world.

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Cooling coca-cola (Russia)

Cooling coca-cola
The original advertising deck of Coca-Cola with Russian indices.

Prussian style (Germany)

Prussian style
As I already wrote in Germany, different regions have their own classic familiar drawings in decks of cards. This deck is a Prussian style common in Prussia.

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Car (China)

On all playing cards there are different cars of the world.

Peterlink is a world of great discoveries (Russia)

Peterlink is a world of great discoveries
Peterlink is a world of great discoveries. One of the rare promotional decks printed at the Color Printing Combine. Great scientists became the characters of the cards: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Dmitry Mendeleev, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, travelers: Abel Janzson Tasman, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Fadey Bellingshausen and famous women ...

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No.2121 Cosmopolitan (Russia)

No.2121 Cosmopolitan
The largest collector of playing cards in the USSR Alexander Semenovich Perelman (1932-1996) not only collected decks, but also actively involved artists in drawing decks. One of these artists is Valery Mishin. Mishin made bookplates for Perelman and drew at least 2 decks, which were published in Austria by Piatnik.

Goldengirl (China)

The deck contains photos of girls in swimsuits and underwear.

Angler (Germany)

One of the favorite hobbies of mankind is fishing. Many decks of playing cards are devoted to fishing. This deck is from the GDR, then there were still 2 Germany. Cards with German suits.

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IKEA family (Germany)

IKEA family
Advertising deck of the famous transnational chain of stores IKEA family. I like when an original deck is released, where the artist creates drawings specifically for this deck.

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Parfums Serge Lutens (France )

Parfums Serge Lutens
French deck with drawings in the Arabic style. It is a pity that the drawings are by type - find the differences, and not different.

Borlas (Russia)

An unusual advertising deck for Borlas. All the drawings on the cards are not drawings, but figures and inscriptions fashioned from plasticine and then photographed and placed in a deck. I have never come across a similar approach. The deck is printed in a small edition.

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Horoscope zodiac (Russia)

Horoscope zodiac
Horoscope zodiac Deck with signs of the zodiac with German suits. All the photos are of the same beautiful girl.

Berlin pattern (Germany)

Berlin pattern
In Germany, along with German suits, decks were also produced with French ones - this type of pattern in the deck belongs to the Berlin standard. A lot of artists have already drawn their own variations of this deck. This variant is drawn one of the first. reprint

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Medical playing cards (Germany)

Medical playing cards
Medical playing cards, most likely promotional cards from the German company Molnlycke.

Novosibirsk (Russia)

Novosibirsk is the third deck released by me in a large edition. It was way back in 2003. Now you won’t surprise anyone with a species deck with a Russian city, but then there were no such cards. First, a deck printed in China with views of Moscow appeared, and then in 2003 I released a deck with views of Novosibirsk and a deck of St. Petersburg came ...

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Romantic lover (China)

Romantic lover
Love - everyone puts their understanding into this word. But the attraction between a woman and a man, thank heavens, will always be, that's why humanity exists. We look forward to romantic relationships not only in our youth. Hugs and kisses are needed throughout life. Of course youth is attractive. The deck contains romantic photos of couples.

Nude painting (China)

Nude painting
Over the centuries, many painters have turned to the theme of the naked person. This deck contains paintings by various authors who worked in the nude genre.

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football (Russia)

football I am indifferent to sports, and in this deck I like queens the most.

Rich New Year! (Russia)

Rich New Year!
Rich New Year Deck! released on New Year's Eve 2021 for New Year's gifts. According to the Chinese calendar, it was the year of the bull - hence the design. This company already produced a deck with such drawings several years ago in a different design and larger size.

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With Nude Beauties With Big Tits (Poland)

With Nude Beauties With Big Tits
This Polish deck is one of the most common in the mid-90s. But it existed in several versions of the edition on several cards in different editions, photos and jokers were replaced. Also produced with different shirts. varieties are shown.

Standard joker & decks for Sweden ( Sweden)

Standard joker & decks for Sweden
Standard joker & decks for Sweden

Happy New Year! (Russia)

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year deck! released in anticipation of the year of the ox 2021. With similar designs, this company has already released a deck in a different design, size and number of cards.

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Tanzania Zanzibar (Russia)

Tanzania Zanzibar
I have been collecting playing cards for about 30 years and during a trip to Zanzibar I looked for local playing cards and found them, but they were often standard American drawings with the original joker or specific decks. I love that national cards reflect the color of the local population. Several months of drawing in the process of studying the ...

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Noah's deck (Great Britain)

Noah's deck
Everyone knows the biblical story about the global flood and Noah's ark, where Noah took a pair of each creature. A deck about this event.

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Opernkarte I (Germany)

Opernkarte I
Opera playing cards Opernkarte I deck from the GDR. A rather original image of the drawings on the score cards - only on 2 and 10.

Nude playing cards (Poland)

Nude playing cards
This Polish deck with nude girls has an original design.

Erotic playing cards (Russia)

Erotic playing cards
Erotic playing cards. This deck was released in 1999. In 2001 it was reissued in a small size. 1 option was packed in 4 boxes. Small size only in 1 look that is shown on the site. On the back is a bunny from Playboy magazine.

Luxurious sex! The magic of sex (Russia)

Luxurious sex! The magic of sex
Luxurious sex! The magic of sex. This deck has inscriptions in Russian on the box. Printed either in Poland or, more likely, in Russia. On all playing cards there are photographs of playful entertaining girls.

Playing cards (Netherlands)

Playing cards
This deck, if it can be attributed to the spicy section, is with very great irony. Light beach eroticism with humorous overtones.

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Erotic deck from the USSR (Russia)

Erotic deck from the USSR
Erotic deck from the USSR In the USSR, erotic cards were issued by private entrepreneurs illegally. Over the years of collecting, I found out that there were several hundred varieties of such decks. Some of the decks I came across were incomplete, with lost cards. This deck is unusual on yellow photographic paper. reprint

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Spiel mit Jagdmotiven "Hunter" (Germany)

Spiel mit Jagdmotiven
Spiel mit Jagdmotiven "Hunter" Hunter Playing cards on the theme of hunting. The deck has been released many times. designed by Guenter Schmitz

Alt Berlin (Germany)

Alt Berlin
Alt Berlin German deck with historical figures of Germany and views of houses and streets of old Berlin. The deck called Alt Berlin was produced in 2 versions, 55 cards and 33 cards. What is interesting on playing cards, the drawings and characters are different. There are engravings with ancient architectural structures of Berlin on the spectacle cards.

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Sex playing cards Hot shots (Poland)

Sex playing cards Hot shots
Another fairly rare Polish deck with naked girls in candid poses. The cards have Polish indices, which means they were specially produced for Poland.

Yakut Sakha (Russia)

Yakut Sakha
The second deck of the Yakut artist and singer Ivan Sofronov-Sandal. National characters of playing cards are drawn in the style of the famous Lubochnye deck by Viktor Sveshnikov.

No. 98 Balkan-Whist (Hungary)

No. 98 Balkan-Whist
No. 98 Balkan-Whist was published in Hungary in 1910-1942 at the Magyar Jatekkartyagyar Piatnik Nandor es Fiai R.T. factory.

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Vitoria (Spain)

Classic Spanish deck with Spanish suits. The sketches are drawed by Ignacio Diaz and stenciled by Augusto Rius in 1889

Sonia Delaunay (Russia)

Sonia Delaunay
Abstract style cards. Artist Sonia Delaunay or Terk-Delaunay (French Sonia Delaunay, real name Sarah Elievna Stern; November 1 (13), 1885, born in Odessa, Russian Empire - died December 5, 1979, Paris) - French abstract artist.

36 models adult playing cards (Russia)

36 models adult playing cards
There is information on the Internet that the deck was printed in Poland, but a deck of 36 cards and a barcode on the box stating that the cards were printed in Russia. Produced in 2 types of boxes and 2 types of back.

Solitaire (Russia)

An unusual deck of playing cards from original erotic photos in the form of instant lottery tickets. To build a complete deck, you had to buy everything separately. Most of the tickets in the deck have no winnings. Only one of the tickets won 3 rubles. 2 cards - the protective layer is not erased. Even if we assume that they are winning, this deck only ...

Erotic deck from the USSR (Russia)

Erotic deck from the USSR
There was no sex in the USSR, but erotic playing cards have appeared since about 1960. They were very different in terms of photo quality and product quality. Produced in very different editions. Some publishers were creative - for example, in this deck, photos are framed in a beautiful vignette frame.

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54 models (Poland)

54 models
Polish deck with naked girls. There were at least 2 editions with different shirts. The famous fashion model Cindy Crawford is wearing one of the shirts.

Rois de France (France )

Rois de France
Reprinted edition of a French deck of 1856. Shown here is a reissue with the addition of suits and indices. For sale is an authentic version, as the deck was originally.

Tudor Rose (Austria)

Tudor Rose
Tudor rose This deck of historical figures has been published since 1952. designed by Prof. Kuno Hock

Imperial Maria Theresia (Austria)

Imperial Maria Theresia
This deck has been published under various names Imperial and Maria Theresia. It is interesting that the character has been changed in the Jack of Diamonds editions. It is not clear from what considerations this was done. designed by Prof. Kuno Hock

Hands up! (Russia)

Hands up!
Hands up! Deck printed by "Printissa" for "Monolit-studio" in 2005 limited edition of 500 copies. as a gift to the buyers of the disc "Fuc * in'Rosk'n'Roll" by the group "Hands up!") aces - Konstantin Kinchev, Yuri Shevchuk, Vyacheslav Butusov, Boris Grebenshchikov. kings - Garik Sukachev, Sergey Shnurov, Ilya Lagutenko, Alexander Vasiliev. queens - ...

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World currency (China)

World currency
There are banknotes from different countries of the world in the deck on all cards. And what is especially good in English is the name of the money and what country they are from. A very valuable gift for a collector of banknotes.

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sexy nude adult cards № 3131 (Hong Kong)

sexy nude adult cards № 3131
This deck released in Hong Kong differs from the previous ones in the sufficient frankness of the photos. Sexual revolution in photographing naked girls at the very top of emancipation.

Added by: 03-01-2022

Glorious Russia (Russia)

Glorious Russia
Great Russia is the very first deck dedicated to the tsarist history of Russia until 1917. reprint on order

The Elect (Russia)

The Elect
Decks with politicians are most often interesting either for those who are fond of political life or history. And as a rule, this is all limited to the interest for the residents of the country whose politicians are depicted on the cards. It's fun to scuffle those in power. But for the release of such decks, a certain freedom in society is needed. In the ...

54 models Royal Flushes (Poland)

54 models  Royal Flushes
In this series, 3 decks were released with the same design but different back colors - green, red and blue. Naked Polish girls from the early 90s are on all playing cards.

Royal Flushes (Poland)

Royal Flushes
In this series, 3 decks were released with the same design but different back colors - green, red and blue. Naked Polish girls from the early 90s are on all playing cards.

Lips № 8283 (Hong Kong)

Lips № 8283
Discover our 54 wonderful girls in complete nude! - the inscription on the box of these wonderful playing cards of the retro 80s of the 20th century.

Added by: 02-01-2022

54 models Royal Flushes № 9009 (Hong Kong)

54 models  Royal Flushes № 9009
This deck from Hong Kong came to Russia and other countries of the former USSR, as businessmen began to bring goods to the countries that were not there before. There was an interest in eroticism. Demand creates supply. I already wrote that from my point of view, such decks now have more cultural and historical than utilitarian interest. However, the beauty ...

Berliner Spielkarten Fabrik (Germany)

Berliner Spielkarten Fabrik
The Berlin Card Factory operated from 1968 to 2001. Over the years, she managed to release several interesting decks. These drawings refer to the Berlin style, but are original. The artist painted them especially for the release at this factory. An original advertising deck with a joker is offered for sale.

Red & Black (Russia)

Red & Black
Red & Black Red and Black is one of the editions of the publishing house. The publishing house ceased to exist, the publishing house produced decks in small editions - therefore, decks are very rare. Artist Svetlana Medvid

Cartes Belges Fijne speelkaarten (Belgium)

Cartes Belges Fijne speelkaarten
Deck from Belgium 1920.

Hunt & sons (Great Britain)

Hunt & sons
Hunt & Sons deck from England 1827. Back then, decks were still produced with full-length figures, there were no shirts on the cards. Maps were printed in 1 color and then stencilled with additional paints.

Added by: 01-01-2022

Bonaparte (Czechia)

Bonaparte is a classic deck of the Czech publishing house Bonaparte. reprint on order

AAA No.9969 (Russia)

AAA No.9969
This deck with girls in underwear and swimsuits was produced in China especially for the Russian consumer, so there are Russian inscriptions on the box.

Nude color cards (Poland)

Nude color cards
Polish deck with naked girls. There were at least 2 editions with different backs. On one of the back is the famous fashion model Cindy Crawford

NR. 7590 Lapland (Finland)

NR. 7590 Lapland
Design: Susanna Hartmann. Lapland is divided by the borders of four states, but Finnish children have always believed that Santa Claus lives in Finland, on the Korvatunturi mountain near the border with Russia. In Finland, Santa Claus is called “Joulupukki” (Finn. Joulupukki). He wears a tall, cone-shaped hat, long hair, and red clothing. He is ...

Russia - USA (Russia)

Russia - USA
Erotic photo decks in the USSR were made regularly from about the beginning of the 1960s. During the reign of Joseph Stalin, I think, hardly anyone would have decided on such a seditious act. Under Nikita Khrushchev, the democratic thaw led to the courage of Soviet entrepreneurs and such decks began to be produced regularly. This deck is colored and, I ...

Back to the USSR (Russia)

Back to the USSR
Back to USSR. Deck with party leaders from the times of the USSR. The characters of the maps were drawn by Yuri Nepakharev. On the territory of Russia, a variant of 36 cards was most often sold. But there was a variant of 55 cards, which is more rare.