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Added by: 19-01-2022

Romantic lover (China)

Romantic lover
Love - everyone puts their understanding into this word. But the attraction between a woman and a man, thank heavens, will always be, that's why humanity exists. We look forward to romantic relationships not only in our youth. Hugs and kisses are needed throughout life. Of course youth is attractive. The deck contains romantic photos of couples.

Nude painting (China)

Nude painting
Over the centuries, many painters have turned to the theme of the naked person. This deck contains paintings by various authors who worked in the nude genre.

Added by: 18-01-2022

football (Russia)

football I am indifferent to sports, and in this deck I like queens the most.

Rich New Year! (Russia)

Rich New Year!
Rich New Year Deck! released on New Year's Eve 2021 for New Year's gifts. According to the Chinese calendar, it was the year of the bull - hence the design. This company already produced a deck with such drawings several years ago in a different design and larger size.

Added by: 17-01-2022

With Nude Beauties With Big Tits (Poland)

With Nude Beauties With Big Tits
This Polish deck is one of the most common in the mid-90s. But it existed in several versions of the edition on several cards in different editions, photos and jokers were replaced. Also produced with different shirts. varieties are shown.

Standard joker & decks for Sweden ( Sweden)

Standard joker & decks for Sweden
Standard joker & decks for Sweden

Happy New Year! (Russia)

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year deck! released in anticipation of the year of the ox 2021. With similar designs, this company has already released a deck in a different design, size and number of cards.

Added by: 16-01-2022

Tanzania Zanzibar (Russia)

Tanzania Zanzibar
I have been collecting playing cards for about 30 years and during a trip to Zanzibar I looked for local playing cards and found them, but they were often standard American drawings with the original joker or specific decks. I love that national cards reflect the color of the local population. Several months of drawing in the process of studying the ...

Added by: 15-01-2022

Noah's deck (Great Britain)

Noah's deck
Everyone knows the biblical story about the global flood and Noah's ark, where Noah took a pair of each creature. A deck about this event.

Added by: 14-01-2022

Opernkarte I (Germany)

Opernkarte I
Opera playing cards Opernkarte I deck from the GDR. A rather original image of the drawings on the score cards - only on 2 and 10.

Nude playing cards (Poland)

Nude playing cards
This Polish deck with nude girls has an original design.

Erotic playing cards (Russia)

Erotic playing cards
Erotic playing cards. This deck was released in 1999. In 2001 it was reissued in a small size. 1 option was packed in 4 boxes. Small size only in 1 look that is shown on the site. On the back is a bunny from Playboy magazine.

Luxurious sex! The magic of sex (Russia)

Luxurious sex! The magic of sex
Luxurious sex! The magic of sex. This deck has inscriptions in Russian on the box. Printed either in Poland or, more likely, in Russia. On all playing cards there are photographs of playful entertaining girls.

Playing cards (Netherlands)

Playing cards
This deck, if it can be attributed to the spicy section, is with very great irony. Light beach eroticism with humorous overtones.

Added by: 13-01-2022

Erotic deck from the USSR (Russia)

Erotic deck from the USSR
Erotic deck from the USSR In the USSR, erotic cards were issued by private entrepreneurs illegally. Over the years of collecting, I found out that there were several hundred varieties of such decks. Some of the decks I came across were incomplete, with lost cards. This deck is unusual on yellow photographic paper. reprint

Added by: 12-01-2022

Spiel mit Jagdmotiven "Hunter" (Germany)

Spiel mit Jagdmotiven
Spiel mit Jagdmotiven "Hunter" Hunter Playing cards on the theme of hunting. The deck has been released many times. designed by Guenter Schmitz

Alt Berlin (Germany)

Alt Berlin
Alt Berlin German deck with historical figures of Germany and views of houses and streets of old Berlin.

Added by: 10-01-2022

Sex playing cards Hot shots (Poland)

Sex playing cards Hot shots
Another fairly rare Polish deck with naked girls in candid poses. The cards have Polish indices, which means they were specially produced for Poland.

Yakut Sakha (Russia)

Yakut Sakha
The second deck of the Yakut artist and singer Ivan Sofronov-Sandal. National characters of playing cards are drawn in the style of the famous Lubochnye deck by Viktor Sveshnikov.

No. 98 Balkan-Whist (Hungary)

No. 98 Balkan-Whist
No. 98 Balkan-Whist was published in Hungary in 1910-1942 at the Magyar Jatekkartyagyar Piatnik Nandor es Fiai R.T. factory.

Added by: 08-01-2022

Vitoria (Spain)

Classic Spanish deck with Spanish suits. The sketches are drawed by Ignacio Diaz and stenciled by Augusto Rius in 1889

Sonia Delaunay (Russia)

Sonia Delaunay
Abstract style cards. Artist Sonia Delaunay or Terk-Delaunay (French Sonia Delaunay, real name Sarah Elievna Stern; November 1 (13), 1885, born in Odessa, Russian Empire - died December 5, 1979, Paris) - French abstract artist.

36 models adult playing cards (Russia)

36 models adult playing cards
There is information on the Internet that the deck was printed in Poland, but a deck of 36 cards and a barcode on the box stating that the cards were printed in Russia. Produced in 2 types of boxes and 2 types of back.

Solitaire (Russia)

An unusual deck of playing cards from original erotic photos in the form of instant lottery tickets. To build a complete deck, you had to buy everything separately. Most of the tickets in the deck have no winnings. Only one of the tickets won 3 rubles. 2 cards - the protective layer is not erased. Even if we assume that they are winning, this deck only ...

Erotic deck from the USSR (Russia)

Erotic deck from the USSR
There was no sex in the USSR, but erotic playing cards have appeared since about 1960. They were very different in terms of photo quality and product quality. Produced in very different editions. Some publishers were creative - for example, in this deck, photos are framed in a beautiful vignette frame.

Added by: 06-01-2022

54 models (Poland)

54 models
Polish deck with naked girls. There were at least 2 editions with different shirts. The famous fashion model Cindy Crawford is wearing one of the shirts.

Rois de France (France )

Rois de France
Reprinted edition of a French deck of 1856.

Tudor Rose (Austria)

Tudor Rose
Tudor rose This deck of historical figures has been published since 1952. designed by Prof. Kuno Hock

Imperial Maria Theresia (Austria)

Imperial Maria Theresia
This deck has been published under various names Imperial and Maria Theresia. It is interesting that the character has been changed in the Jack of Diamonds editions. It is not clear from what considerations this was done. designed by Prof. Kuno Hock

Hands up! (Russia)

Hands up!
Hands up! Deck printed by "Printissa" for "Monolit-studio" in 2005 limited edition of 500 copies. as a gift to the buyers of the disc "Fuc * in'Rosk'n'Roll" by the group "Hands up!") aces - Konstantin Kinchev, Yuri Shevchuk, Vyacheslav Butusov, Boris Grebenshchikov. kings - Garik Sukachev, Sergey Shnurov, Ilya Lagutenko, Alexander Vasiliev. queens - ...

Added by: 05-01-2022

World currency (China)

World currency
There are banknotes from different countries of the world in the deck on all cards. And what is especially good in English is the name of the money and what country they are from. A very valuable gift for a collector of banknotes.

Added by: 04-01-2022

sexy nude adult cards № 3131 (Hong Kong)

sexy nude adult cards № 3131
This deck released in Hong Kong differs from the previous ones in the sufficient frankness of the photos. Sexual revolution in photographing naked girls at the very top of emancipation.

Added by: 03-01-2022

Glorious Russia (Russia)

Glorious Russia
Great Russia is the very first deck dedicated to the tsarist history of Russia until 1917. reprint on order

The Elect (Russia)

The Elect
Decks with politicians are most often interesting either for those who are fond of political life or history. And as a rule, this is all limited to the interest for the residents of the country whose politicians are depicted on the cards. It's fun to scuffle those in power. But for the release of such decks, a certain freedom in society is needed. In the ...

54 models Royal Flushes (Poland)

54 models  Royal Flushes
In this series, 3 decks were released with the same design but different back colors - green, red and blue. Naked Polish girls from the early 90s are on all playing cards.

Royal Flushes (Poland)

Royal Flushes
In this series, 3 decks were released with the same design but different back colors - green, red and blue. Naked Polish girls from the early 90s are on all playing cards.

Lips № 8283 (Hong Kong)

Lips № 8283
Discover our 54 wonderful girls in complete nude! - the inscription on the box of these wonderful playing cards of the retro 80s of the 20th century.

Added by: 02-01-2022

54 models Royal Flushes № 9009 (Hong Kong)

54 models  Royal Flushes № 9009
This deck from Hong Kong came to Russia and other countries of the former USSR, as businessmen began to bring goods to the countries that were not there before. There was an interest in eroticism. Demand creates supply. I already wrote that from my point of view, such decks now have more cultural and historical than utilitarian interest. However, the beauty ...

Berliner Spielkarten Fabrik (Germany)

Berliner Spielkarten Fabrik
The Berlin Card Factory operated from 1968 to 2001. Over the years, she managed to release several interesting decks. These drawings refer to the Berlin style, but are original. The artist painted them especially for the release at this factory. An original advertising deck with a joker is offered for sale.

Red & Black (Russia)

Red & Black
Red & Black Red and Black is one of the editions of the publishing house. The publishing house ceased to exist, the publishing house produced decks in small editions - therefore, decks are very rare. Artist Svetlana Medvid

Cartes Belges Fijne speelkaarten (Belgium)

Cartes Belges Fijne speelkaarten
Deck from Belgium 1920.

Hunt & sons (Great Britain)

Hunt & sons
Hunt & Sons deck from England 1827. Back then, decks were still produced with full-length figures, there were no shirts on the cards. Maps were printed in 1 color and then stencilled with additional paints.

Added by: 01-01-2022

Bonaparte (Czechia)

Bonaparte is a classic deck of the Czech publishing house Bonaparte. reprint on order

AAA No.9969 (Russia)

AAA No.9969
This deck with girls in underwear and swimsuits was produced in China especially for the Russian consumer, so there are Russian inscriptions on the box.

Nude color cards (Poland)

Nude color cards
Polish deck with naked girls. There were at least 2 editions with different backs. On one of the back is the famous fashion model Cindy Crawford

NR. 7590 Lapland (Finland)

NR. 7590 Lapland
Design: Susanna Hartmann. Lapland is divided by the borders of four states, but Finnish children have always believed that Santa Claus lives in Finland, on the Korvatunturi mountain near the border with Russia. In Finland, Santa Claus is called “Joulupukki” (Finn. Joulupukki). He wears a tall, cone-shaped hat, long hair, and red clothing. He is ...

Russia - USA (Russia)

Russia - USA
Erotic photo decks in the USSR were made regularly from about the beginning of the 1960s. During the reign of Joseph Stalin, I think, hardly anyone would have decided on such a seditious act. Under Nikita Khrushchev, the democratic thaw led to the courage of Soviet entrepreneurs and such decks began to be produced regularly. This deck is colored and, I ...

Back to the USSR (Russia)

Back to the USSR
Back to USSR. Deck with party leaders from the times of the USSR. The characters of the maps were drawn by Yuri Nepakharev. On the territory of Russia, a variant of 36 cards was most often sold. But there was a variant of 55 cards, which is more rare.