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Jokers in the decks appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but there are much more jokers collectors than collectors of playing card decks.

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Jokers Andrei Zhigadlo (Code: g11113)

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Jokers of the different decks. 1 piece at a price of 1 $. Can be exchanged on the Joker or a deck of cards.
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Jokers in decks appeared just over 100 years ago, but collectors jokers out of the deck is much more than the collectors of full decks of playing cards. And it certainly is not by accident. In many card games joker is not involved and is often around in the box. A lot of decks are different, namely jokers and the cards themselves or the same or very similar. This is especially true decks so-called Anglo-American standard. If you collect jokers write jokers much more than presented on the site.

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