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Selection of decks of cards







Photo of cities

This section presents the gift card with views of cities and countries.

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Kostanay (Code: g04104)

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29.00 USD
Interesting deck pity that publishers do not find different kinds of photo Kostanay, and the same pictures by mistake or specifically put on the king and a jack. Also on the box says 36 cards in the deck and their 52.
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Norway (Code: g03755)

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30.00 USD
An interesting collection of photographs of Norway. For sale reprint.
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Wonderful views from Sofia (Code: g02534)

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15.00 USD
Wonderful views from Sofia
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52 photos of Turkey (Code: g03305)

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15.00 USD
All playing cards have different types of Turkey. To the memory of the traveler.
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This section presents the gift card with views of cities and countries. These cards are available in various countries for a long time . But in the former USSR, where the production of playing cards was a state monopoly, and playing cards were issued only in Leningrad to combine color printing , such cards have been issued. In the USSR produced only species postcards. The first species deck St. Petersburg published in 2000, was informative , instead of the usual colors used 4 types of architectural character of the city. With customary suits of the first deck with views of Moscow released in China in 2002. Then, in 2003, issued a deck of Novosibirsk. Over the past few years like the deck released in different cities of Russia.

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