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Playing, collectible, souvenir cards

The site contains only a small part of the deck. If you are looking for something specific, a topic on the cards. Ask! When you purchase a large number of decks you can discount the price up to 50 percent. Many decks have remained in 1 specimen. Hurry up to replenish their collection. The collecting of playing cards is interesting and fascinatingly. The rare and ancient decks are difficult for finding and they have the high prices. Except for - that playing cards is a most ancient kind of art art on a paper. The playing cards have appeared much earlier, than very popular objects of a collecting: the post marks, post cards, pocket calendars. The world of playing cards is so diverse, that covers all spheres of fine art, it is possible to collect all decks or to choose only decks of the certain style or subjects. Buy decks for itself and friends. For the buyers of several decks the discounts for the price are carried out. If you collect playing cards, or you draw playing cards - write to us. We are waiting for letters from all interested. The Siberian museum of playing cards.

Postcards, greeting cards

A postcard (originally an open letter) is a special kind of postcard for an open letter (without an envelope). Postcards first appeared in Austria on October 1, 1869. Initially, they were without images, but people themselves began to draw pictures and merchants quickly started issuing postcards with drawings. In Russia, the postcard was released in 1872, the first Soviet postcards date back to November 1917. In 1878, the International Postcard Standard was adopted at the Universal Postal Congress in Paris: 9 × 14 cm, which was changed to another 1025 × 14.8 cm in 1925. Now in Russia, postcards are published mainly in 10.5 x formats 21 cm and 12 x 18.5 cm. Collecting cards is called filocarty. Despite the short history of this type of printing products, the space for a collector is very large both in subject and geography. For postcards drew a variety of artists, in the USSR the artist’s name was necessarily present on the postcard, there was also a release date - which really helps the collector. Most of the foreign, pre-revolutionary and modern Russian publishers of the author of the figure does not indicate. But on the other hand, many private publishers have appeared - who respect the authors, as well as the artists themselves began to issue author postcards. Such publications usually have a small circulation and very soon will be rarities. I emphasize the greeting cards, the drawings on them have the magic of the holiday and a good positive mood, because each artist has put the best part of his soul into the drawing. A lot of collectors collect postcards of authorship of certain artists, in Russia the most popular artist Vladimir Zarubin, he has created a gallery of charming works for his many years of creative life. And there are a lot of artists who worked in the past and are working now. Plunge into the world of beauty!