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Historical 1 author's edition (Code: g02531)

Price: 53.00 USD 53.00 USD
  • country: Russia
  • Publisher: Color printing combine
  • Theme: Classic, Color Printing Plant
  • Published: 1987
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 52
  • Jokers: Yes

This deck was resumed for printing only in 1987 after it was redrawn by Yuri Petrovich Ivanov. The artist also made drawings on playing cards 2-10.

The first few runs were printed with frames on figured cards. then the frames were removed, see the variation without frames

An interesting fact is that initially the artist drew another joker for the deck and such a variation was printed. I have such a joker in my collection. It was sent to me by the Latvian collector Janis Metra. He began collecting playing cards a long time ago, in the days of the USSR, and repeatedly came to the combine and was personally acquainted with Ivanov and many other authors. The first joker was rejected by the management of the Combine due to its excessive nakedness (I think the first joker was drawn in imitation of the joker girl from the deck of the 1930s) and was replaced by the well-known one.

Prior to this, the deck was produced in the 1930s exclusively for export. In any case, with the Russian indexes of the 30s edition, it has not yet been seen anywhere.

for sale there is a 1989 original with a joker dressed. Price $ 53

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