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The zodiac in the cycle of elements and seasons (Code: g04342)

Price: 25.00 USD 25.00 USD
  • country: Russia
  • Publisher: A. Lutkovskiy
  • Artist: Oleg Pankov
  • Theme: Classic
  • Published: 2020
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 52
  • Jokers: Yes

The idea for this deck came to me several years ago. I have already released decks based on the signs of the zodiac, elements. A lot of people have already been released by the seasons. I wanted to collect all this in one deck. We have known the artist Oleg Pankov for many years, our cooperation began in the newspaper "Entertaining Newspaper", which I published for 20 years. And for almost all these years Oleg drew his wonderful cartoons for the newspaper. Then Pankov and I implemented several projects, including Oleg, by my order, drew 2 decks. In this deck, I mercilessly exploited Oleg's talent both as a graphic artist and as a cartoonist, especially I tortured Oleg with the jokers, even forced him to redraw (which had never happened before). But it seems to me not in vain. The deck is unusual - there are 12 jokers in it - for each sign of the zodiac. Joker in Russian is a buffoon, he should amuse, so we tried to make each joker with a humorous plot. On the jokers, we allowed ourselves a little funny eroticism.

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