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Erotic playing cards in the USSR (Code: g00628)

Price: 29.00 USD 29.00 USD
  • Country: Russia
  • Theme: Erotic photo deck
  • Published: 1970
  • Deck size: 58×88 mm
  • Amount: 36
  • Jokers: No

Erotic playing cards in the USSR were in large numbers. The circulation of cards was also different. All cards were made using the photographic method, the only affordable printing method for private entrepreneurs. This deck is the release of the late 1960s or 1970s. Photos of naked women are framed in an art frame with vignettes. The photos themselves are artistic, without frankness in posing, but some photos show pubic hair - which is already courage at the time.

A modern reprint in a box is on sale.


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