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Gray deck Kudryavtsev (Code: g02942)

Price: 19.00 USD 19.00 USD
  • Country: Russia
  • Publisher: A. Lutkovskiy
  • Theme: non-standard
  • Published: 2009
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 36
  • Jokers: No

There is a mystery in the cards - we feel the sly gleam of the black eyes of a gypsy, and the nervous calmness of the player's sleek hands, and a cheerful argument in tobacco smoke, and there is something else unknown and magical that is hidden in the beauty of the geometric signs Clubs, Tambourine, Hearts, Peak . This series of graphic works is an attempt to understand the meaning of the magic of card signs, to bring a new shade to its perception. My aim was not to create playing cards, but rather paintings for contemplation. The images of the cards are used to set sail of one's own fantasy, to plunge into the meditation of visions. But this is not only the fruit of free inspiration, each drawing is built on the basis of a well-defined symbolic interpretation. Familiar symbols are supplemented with new meanings. So, Kings turn into rulers of the elements, Ladies - into sorcerers who rule over forces, Jacks - into warriors protecting the directions of the world. Each sign: Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Spades is a kind of spatial energy formation, where each has its own center, and a characteristic distribution of mass, as well as contour movement up or down. The originality of the geometric pattern can be embodied in a symbol understandable to all. Kings - Rulers of the Elements Kings symbolize the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Peaks - the arrow-shaped tip determines the upward movement, but the main energy mass dominates towards the bottom. A sign in which the contradiction between the bottom and the top is actively manifested. This is the element of the underworld. Fire. Clubs - the center is quite clearly defined. But the balance is disturbed by a stronger downward pull. The dominant of the movement is not strongly emphasized, but it is there, expressing the upward movement. There is a contradiction, but not as strong as in the "Peak" sign. This is the element of the supermundane kingdom. Earth. Tambourines - the mass is evenly concentrated in the center. The movement both down and up is balanced. This is a fish bubble that gives the underwater creature a sense of independence from the bottom and the top. This is the element of the underwater kingdom. Water. Worms - the energy mass is concentrated at the top, but the arrow-shaped body determines the downward movement. The sign, as it were, balances on the edge. This is the element of the air kingdom. Air. Kings are either men or women, light and graceful, the curved movements of the bodies exquisitely fluid. Playing with wands of power, they walk measuredly along the plane and they are accompanied by animals, lizards, fish and birds. King Spade is truly an underground fury. She is full of grotesque. The king of tambourine glides in a transparent substance together with aquatic inhabitants. The regal movement of the King of Hearts is echoed by the powerful flapping of the wings of a proud eagle. The King of Crosses is the fairy-tale Stag King guarded by white dogs. Ladies - Veduny Ladies designate four human forces: Mind, Soul, Will, Feeling. Ladies are regal. Their robes are showered with crystals of patterns - and the very contours of the mantles and headdresses become ritual signs. The card suit, as it were, from the inside builds these iconic forms in accordance with its geometric contours. In this case, the facial expressions of the female face are neutral, the gestures of clasped hands play a more important role. And these gestures are by no means accidental. They are subject to a certain logic, which embody the main life properties. Queen of Spades - holds closed hands near her head. This is the symbol of the Mind. Lady of Clubs - her hands are located at the level of that center, which symbolizes the Soul. Lady Tambourine - clasped hands are depicted in the middle of the body. This is the center of Will. Lady of Hearts - hands lowered to the bottom of the body. This is the center of Feeling. We can say that the Ladies contain a characteristic magical charge. The card sign becomes a formula of mental action. Queen of Spades - the arrow of movement is directed upwards and thus it points to the upper chakras - sahasrara and ajna. Queen of Clubs - the geometry of movement is more complex. On the one hand, this is an unconditional cross, but on the other hand, there is also some slight movement, which slightly lifts from the middle place. And here the meaning of the chakra is closest - anahata. Lady Tambourine - the geometry of the cross is easily read, which naturally fits into the quadrature of the tambourine. In relation to the human body, this center is manipura, which controls the volitional actions of a person. Lady of Hearts - a clear and unambiguous contour movement is directed downward, which can symbolize the lower chakras, one of the main properties of which are passion, feelings. Swadisthana, Muladhara. The ladies seem frozen in their hieratically strict frontal performances. But it is the calmness of concentration. The basis of the movement of the Kings is the line. The movement goes along the plane. The construction of Jacks is based on a spiral. The spiral movement helps to reveal the idea of ​​the four directions of light. Jacks - Warriors Jack of Clubs - East. Jack of Hearts - South. Jack of Tambourine - West. Jack of Spades - North. Like a compass needle, the blades of the swords of warriors rush in a circle. Men's attire seems to be abstracted from any national prototype. But if you look closely, you can see that in each hero there is something characteristic, which is logically linked with the idea of ​​one direction or another.

Anatoly Kudryavtsev

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