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Cancan 2 (Code: g02390)

Price: 30.00 USD 30.00 USD
  • Country: France
  • Publisher: Philibert
  • Theme: Erotic drawings, Pin-up
  • Published: 1955
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 52
  • Jokers: No

Design: Monique Arietti (Gabriel Garachon). This deck is a discovery in the world of playing cards. There is no such deck anywhere on the Internet, it did not get into the Eroticism multi-volume edition, where playing cards from all over the world are described and presented. This deck became known thanks to the publisher of the catalog and the owner of the site

famous German propagandist of playing cards Jean Darquenne. I couldn't buy a deck, because after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Russian money first depreciated, and then the possibility of international payments disappeared altogether.

But this is essentially irrelevant. The original deck can be purchased from Jean Darquenne.

Until now, only a variant of the deck was known:

For sale reprint.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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