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Playing cards Find 7 differences newspaper "Gazetka" (Code: g00282)

Price: 24.00 USD 24.00 USD
  • country: Russia
  • Publisher: A. Lutkovskiy
  • Theme: Classic, Promotional, humor
  • Published: 1999
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 36
  • Jokers: Yes

Playing cards Find 7 differences newspaper "Gazetka". In 1998-1999, in a newspaper I published, I decided to print a deck of playing cards, 1 card in each issue of the newspaper. The deck was printed "from the wheels" when 1 card began to print; many others were not yet drawn. Each card has its own author, all cards were drawn by cartoonists from different parts of the former USSR, so some of the cards have a humorous connotation. Many artists drew several options for maps, some drew color options. Therefore, in this 2020, to the 30th anniversary of the release of the first issue of the newspaper Gazetka, release either the full version of all options or another variation.

I would also like to note that several authors of this deck later worked in the same genre and there are separate decks for artists such as Vitaly Buslovsky, Oleg Pankov, Alexander Markelov, Alexander Galaganov and Alexander Medvedev.

When the deck was released, I did not use the Internet yet and did not know that there are similar decks where each card has its own author, but so far I have not seen a deck in which both halves of the card have 7 differences.

In total, 60 copies of such decks were cut and collected. Most of which are already stored in different collections around the world - rush to replenish the collection with a rare copy.

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