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Rococo (Code: g02457)

Price: 19.00 USD 19.00 USD
  • Country: Russia
  • Publisher: A. Lutkovskiy
  • Artist: Ekaterina Stupakova
  • Theme: Classic
  • Published: 2008
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 36
  • Jokers: Yes

Fashion of the Rococo era was distinguished by a desire for refinement, sophistication and deliberate distortion of the "natural" lines of the human body.
Rococo fashion is considered to be feminine fashion, since in this era there was a maximum approximation of men's fashion to typical female patterns. The ideal man is a refined courtier, dandy. The ideal of a woman is a fragile slender manger. In fashion - wasp waist, narrow hips, fragile shoulders, a round face. Women wear fluffy skirts - panniers, creating the effect of an “inverted glass”.
The women's hairstyle turned into the famous “frigates” and “gardens” that Marie Antoinette loved so much. The men first let go of the buccles from the sides, and wore a long braid at the back. White powdered wigs were in fashion, with letters curled from the sides, a pigtail and a bow at the back.
Justocore remained the main type of men's clothing, but later it was called abi. A camisole was worn under it. They wore snow-white shirts, lace frills and neckerchiefs. Justocore had a more direct form at the beginning of the century, then underwent evolution: its floors became wider, as if sticking out in different directions. There were wide cuffs on the sleeves. Huge flaps on the pockets. Women's dress also underwent a similar evolution: at first it was already, then it began to expand and expanded to the limit. As a headdress, a cocked hat remained popular.
This era is reflected in the drawings of numerous decks.
Artist Ekaterina Stupakova

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