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Royal Flash (Code: g04170)

Price: 157.00 USD 157.00 USD
  • country: USA
  • Theme: Classic
  • Published: 1974
  • Deck size: 63x88mm
  • Amount: 52
  • Jokers: Yes

The Royal Flash deck was published in the USA in 1974. The deck is more than unusual, first of all by the theme. It is devoted to various intoxicating substances that are used by people to achieve drug intoxication.

Secondly, in the deck, instead of the usual icons of suits, they are used instead of club - poppies, instead of hearts - mushrooms, instead of spades - hemp, and instead of diamonds - I don't know what. In this topic, I am not strong, I have always considered drug addiction topics taboo for myself.

If someone knows what is depicted - write.


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