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Versailles (Code: g01555)

Price: 41.00 USD 41.00 USD
  • country: Russia
  • Publisher: Printissa
  • Theme: Classic
  • Published: 2005
  • Deck size: 60×90 mm
  • Amount: 52
  • Jokers: Yes
One of Printissa's original designs. Artist I. Shashkina. In addition to the standard version of 54 cards, there was a promotional issue of 36+1 cards for the Private Life company. The idea of the Versailles deck was to create an image of the 18th century. with an orientation toward France, which was then at the dawn of its greatness and, like no other European power, reflected the most advanced trends of the time. However, the author of the deck, Ivanna Shashkina, discovered even at the preparatory stage that painting a general, complete portrait of the century, tied to a specific style, is somewhat problematic. Fashion then changed approximately every 20-25 years, and quite dramatically. And no wonder. After all, if you remember, the gallant age in France began with the reign of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, a generally recognized symbol of absolutism, and ended with the proclamation of the Bonaparte Empire. At the same time, the country managed to survive decadence, with its famous motto “after us, even a flood,” and the bloody romance of the revolution and become a republic. This determines some mixing of the clothing styles of the characters in the deck, which connoisseurs of the history of costume will undoubtedly be able to notice. But the traditional symbolism of the suits is clearly maintained, which can most easily be traced using the example of the royal square. Each card monarch symbolizes one of the four principles of power. The King of Clubs, a supporter of the paradigm of the rule of wisdom and the power of law, holds a scroll in his hands. Bubnovy, who professes the principles of mercantilism and the primacy of money, shakes his money. The King of Hearts - a suit symbolizing love and kindness - cordially presses his palm to his chest, and the King of Spades, appealing to the primacy of force in politics, clenches in his fist an attribute of the Middle Ages - the misercordia - the formidable “dagger of mercy”. The figures are designed in an individual color scheme for each suit. The joker cards depict a bard, wearing a soft beret and a cloak thrown over his shoulder, playing a guitar - a popular character in the works of art of the gallant century. The images are made in the style of romantic realism with careful attention to all the smallest details. The spades and clubs icons have been slightly stylized. The clarity of the images and the artist’s attention to detail put “Versailles” on a par with the best examples of decks of playing cards, and will undoubtedly arouse the approving interest of collectors and everyone who is close to the theme of cards.

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