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Erotic drawn

This section contains a cards for an adult audience. Many famous artists painted naked people.

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Mermaids (Code: g02097)

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19.00 USD
The deck is very unusual. Mermaid on the points of the cards form a figure. To draw these cards incomparable Catherine Stupakova.
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Americans in russian bath house (Code: g01606)

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17.00 USD
Parody of the American standard, on American adventures in the Russian bath. On the points of the cards Russian girl in a bath.
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Translucent cards (Code: g02012)

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39.00 USD
If a card to bring to a lamp begins the latent erotic figure is seen.
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This section contains a cards for an adult audience. Many famous artists painted naked people. Playing cards, as a reflection of a person’s life course could not get around and this facet of human relationships as erotic. Some of the artists of this theme is the serious, from the standpoint of beauty of the human body. Someone with a sense of humor, a caricature of the genre. Eternal, underlying theme of relationships between man and women are always inspired and will inspire new artists.

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